The Whisky Lounge is a place in which EVERYONE is encouraged to develop and nurture their interest and passion in the ‘Water of Life’.

Through our events and activities, our aim is always to entertain, educate and continuously delight all of those involved. We are about breaking down barriers, myths and legends whilst promoting the understanding that whisky is a historical and iconic product of almost alchemic origins.

We specialise in hosting our own Whisky Tastings, Festivals and Schools which have become extremely popular. We can also tailor-make a tasting for everything from 10 to 10,000 people whether it be a private party, corporate event, product launch, team building or practically anything. Please get in touch if you would like to chat through your ideas or get a quote.

(All attendees must be 18 or over – photo ID may be required).
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Eddie Ludlow


Eddie is the founder of The Whisky Lounge. Having worked in various parts of the industry, including for Ardbeg & Glenmorangie and Oddbins, Eddie has possibly brought more whisky to more people and parts of the UK than anyone else. He still loves being ‘hands on’ and in amongst it and can usually be found converting new whisky-drinkers at all of our large events. Eddie has been an IWSC whisky judge since 2008 is still working on that first book…



Amanda has worked world wide in the food and drinks industry for 20 years. Her whisky journey really began in earnest when she joined The Whisky Lounge in 2011. Amanda is the behind the scenes ideas factory of the business. She has a maniacal passion for putting the The Whisky Lounge customer first. Since joining the team Amanda has continued to develop her love of whisky and all spirits becoming a IWSC judge in 2015.


Edward Bates

London and South-East

Edward’s interest in spirits stems from a school visit to Cognac at the age of 13. Since that first visit, a passing interest has turned into a life long passion in distilled products. His career has focused on spirits for the last 15 years. During this time his acknowledged expertise has been utilised by a number of the UK’s leading wine & spirit merchants, including Berry Brothers & Rudd. Edward now works as a consultant for a number of whisky brands, a writer and educator and was, in 2012 selected by the B.N.I.C. to be one of the UK’s Cognac Educators.

Tim Forbes

Brighton and South-East

Tim Forbes has been working in the drinks trade since 1998 when he got his start sweeping floors in a remote Scottish branch of Oddbins. After five years with the UK’s best wine merchant he departed to pick grapes in Australia, before returning to London to serve a ten year stint at The Whisky Exchange. He now works for The John Lewis Partnership and as a freelance drinks writer from his sofa in Hove, which he shares with a wife and two cats.

Zoe Toolan


Zoe is a visual artist who therefore regards all aspects of whisky making – and whisky tasting – as art. Her love of the spirit was gifted to her by her mum, who was happy to stand highly regarded rarities next to “fillers with no killer”! As a result, Zoe is a passionate yet unpretentious whisky professional who relishes every sensory element of this exciting drink.

Zoe has previously worked for The Whisky Shop, was Head of Tastings at the Soho Whisky Club, and has been involved with various events for companies such as Pernod Ricard.

Lee Connor

North-East of England

“It’s easier if you call me Connas!”

Famous for being the best Banjo player on his street (“prove me wrong!”). Lee’s more notable experiences include some nonsense in the Finance Sector, various ongoing work for charitable organisations and active involvement in the local music scene.

His rise into whisky geekery started in his 20’s, when he could often be seen spoiling perfectly good spirit with various mixers. His pallet, not to mention his metabolism, has since “matured”, and this, combined with a trip to Islay with the TWL team in 2013, means he now has an almost overwhelming interest in all things whisky.


I’ve never failed to be impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment and sheer passion that everyone at The Whisky Lounge shows towards whisky. Whisky drinkers around the world would be much worse off without the likes of Eddie and the team championing their cause.
Graham Eunson, Distillery Manager, Tomatin
There are many people out there who profess to know a lot about whisky, and have clearly chosen this subject as their ‘flavour of the month’. And then there are people who genuinely, passionately live, breathe, eat and sleep whisky, and these are the people who are truly worth listening to, and who will genuinely teach you something about this fantastic subject that you didn’t already know. Eddie Ludlow is undoubtedly in this latter category.
Dr. Bill Lumsden, Head of Distilling & Whisky Creation, Glenmorangie
The Whisky Lounge events have been like a breath of fresh air to the UK whisky scene. Exceptionally well-organised, their informal, contemporary approach has brought a new audience of enthusiastic men and women to the world of whisky, while still attracting all our old (and young!) friends. For Compass Box, the Whisky Lounge events are one of the first things to go in our diaries each year!
Chris Maybin, Compass Box Whisky Co.




Whisky does not age further once bottled. Therefore a whisky bottled in 1991 as 10 years old is not now 20 years old in 2011. However, whiskies bottled in decades or centuries ago can show some change, especially if the closure is not air-tight.