Salutations, Lounge Types! It’s Connas here again with more tales of my windswept and interesting adventures beyond the frontiers of Gateshead!

Now, understandably at this point, you may well be thinking something along the lines of:

“The daft lad will just be bragging about getting to taste whisky for a living, again!”

However, on this occasion at least, you would be mistaken to assume so! This time, fellow loungers, I have been travelling in the capacity of Television Critic!

Allow me to explain.

Regular readers of our weekly news blog may remember that in October I reported that Colin Hampden-White was embarking on a television project called The Three Drinkers . Well, it turns out that TV people have launch events too! So I’m off to Moet Hennessy HQ to have a look.

As we know, I’m not without some skills in reviewing. So here’s my analysis, in the best way I know how… (no spoilers).

The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky

Amazon Prime TV series; Various Subscriptions Available
Volume – Adjustable on all devices [The importance of this function may be inferred, I presume – Ed.]

Colour: HD (Like technicolor, only better.) [I’m no techie, but isn’t this to do with screen resolution? – Ed.]

Knows: [Ah, OK.  I see what you’re doing here – Ed.] All kinds about whisky. Expert in residence Colin Hampden-White leads his good friends Aidy “fresh face and emerging personality in the wine and spirits industry [If you say so – Ed.] Smith and Helena “award-winning wine and drinks presenter, author, freelance writer and influencer” Nicklin [No, me neither – Ed.] on a fun fact-finding whisky mission around Scotland.

Palate: Unscripted [Subs, please check – Ed.] balance between presenter fun and educational content, aggressive avoidance of traditional stereotypes with an underlying influence of predictable alcohol.

Finish: Three parts, then talk of a follow up.

Overview: Anyone who responded with “It just won’t be the same” when the announcement that Brora and Port Ellen were reopening came through should tell their non-whisky friends to watch Three Drinkers! The three chums have fun with a focus on whisky. It’s a genuine attempt to turn people on to whisky with a potentially huge worldwide audience. Spread the good word, people!

*Note to management – Before anyone gets any ideas, I’m not doing a Whisky Lounge Big Brother Special. I can’t afford the therapy!

Merry Christmas!!