Nov 15th 2021 - Tasting notes

Connas’ Stunnas: Bruichladdich Black Art 9.1

It’s always exciting when a new ‘Laddie lands! Especially when there’s an element of mysteriousness.

The Black Art bottling is where Head Distiller Adam Hannett, gets the freedom to create whatever he likes from the ‘Laddie warehouses, with the focus being on experimentation and expression. The resulting liquid is then bottled, usually with the very minimum information provided on what exactly has gone into it! Black Arts has an almost cult-like status among some whisky lovers, with dedicated followers rating it along side their best work, high praise indeed! And this one is the oldest they’ve EVER released, lets have a look…

Laddie BA 09.1


Black Art 09.1

29 Years Old

44.1 %





Medium pronunciation with barley sugar, peach, and melon. Stewed Rhubarb and lemon zest with raisins and tobacco.


Mouth coating with single cream feel. Melon and cream tea with some bitterness at the back of the tongue, Tobacco once more with but a herby eucalyptus inflection. Frangipane with glace cherries and damp forest floors.


Medium length with some fresh fruits sustaining.


This is a wonderfully weird whisky. I’m not sure it will be to everyone’s liking as it’s narrative is somewhat bonkers. If you’re looking for a dram with a straightforward “Beginning” “Middle” and “End” this is not it.

However, if you’re looking for something to challenge your palate and help you look for flavour experiences you’ve not had before, you’re on to a winner!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

Whatever the team at Bruichladdich bring out, it won’t be boring!

Go try some, why don’t you!



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