Feb 9th 2022 - Tasting notes

Connas' Stunnas' - Octomore Ten Aged Years

Ok folks, its Octomore time. So, get ready for a Whisky (in the words of one Capt. E Blackadder) -

“….madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's Mr. Madman competition."

The final instalment in Bruichladdichs mightily peated “Octomore 12” range is here, and they are signing out with a ten-year-old.

And as we’ve come to expect, there’s nothing “Run of the Mill” about it. It’s a 2010 vintage, malted to 90.3PPM. That spent its first five years maturing in first fill ex-American oak casks, before being recasked into wine barriques for its final five years.

Yup, they’re not afraid to have a go, the ‘Laddie team…

Lets have a look.

Octomore Ten Aged Years



Wine Barrique Finnish




Deep Gold


Roasted barley and linseed with a dab of red fruit jam and a peak of ashy smoke, followed a slight limey spike. Water thins the smoke and produces a slight floral perfumed note.


Single cream feel with flavour initially presenting down the middle of the palate. Medicinal smoke rounded by grapefruit and red currant jelly parting to allow candied lime peel to cut through. (Heavily) Roasted barley with charred sweet pastry and a lemony rye note to end. Dilution mellows the spikier edges and promotes tropical pineapple and mango.


Medium to long finish with a thicker smoke clinging softly and hints of the citrus occasionally popping through.


When I finished sampling this I thought “Well that wasn’t TOO bonkers”.

Then I read my notes back.

Yeah, they’ve gone and done it again.

If we choose to apply traditional assessment criteria to Octomore, we’d be missing the point. I don’t think it was ever really made with a view to adhering to the conventional, it was made to push boundaries and add texture to the whisky landscape. Which is what this does.

Yeah, it’s my job to tell you that maybe some of the flavour integration is a touch bizarre, and that it’s a bit scattered in places. But this is Octomore, it’s supposed to challenge you!

And regardless, flavours are presenting from raw materials all the way through the process to maturation. So what if its not to everyone’s taste, by those criteria alone it can be considered “Good Whisky.”

So there!

Now, go and prove me wrong!



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