Nov 16th 2021 - Tasting notes

Connas Stunnas The Lakes Whisky Makers Editions Bal Masque

The Lakes Distilleries Whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi, has been working his magic again folks!

Back in September (yeah, I know, I’m playing catch up here!), the fourth release in The Whiskymaker’s Editions series, Bal Masque was released.

And if the press released is to be believed it is - “Complex and aromatic, Bal Masque bears the mystery and seduction of a masquerade ball. Flavours and aromas mingle like masked revellers with featherlight touches.”

The main point of interest on this one is that the primary maturation has taken place in French oak, which is traditionally associated with Tannins which are generally absent in Bourbon casks. Most intriguing! Let’s have a look…

Lakes WME Bal Masque

Whisky Makers Editions Bal Masque

Abv - 54% ABV

Maturation – French Oak

RRP - £70 (sold out)


Pale Amber


Pronounced nose with sharp brambles, glace fruits and an underlying buttery cereal note.


Creamy feel with a slightly spikey coating from well-integrated alcohol. Burnt croissant and sour dough toast, floral honey and blackberry jam. A touch out of balance with the fruitier nose.


Medium length with more of the charred pastry leading, followed by mixed fruit preserve.


An interesting one from the Lakes here folks. I see where they’re going with the experimental use of French Oak in the initial maturation. For me it’s muddled the drinking experience somewhat. There is undoubtably flavour, there is undoubtably texture, but it’s left me confused.

Maybe I need more experience with French oak, maybe I need to try more of the Whisky Makers Edition, maybe, it doesn’t matter what I think!

Try it for yourself, there may well be some at a Whisky Festival near you, soon!




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