Nov 17th 2021 - Tasting notes

Connas' Stunnas Watt Whisky Fifth Release

Campbeltown’s Youngest Indie Bottler have six new whiskies for us, folks.

Kate and Mark of Watt Whisky have been doing what they do best and scouring Scotland for tasty drinking whisky for our olfactory delight!

And once more there’s a plethora of enticing prospects, including a 25 year old from the now closed Imperial Distillery and a 13 year old Bruichladdich (Lochindaal). Which sold out immediately! So, I’ll refrain from tempting you with what could have been, and concentrate on the four you can still buy!

I’m looking forward to these….


Blended Scotch Whisky

Age: 18 years old

Vintage: 2003

ABV: 56.3%

RSP: £69.95


Deep Gold


Medium pronunciation and a little spirity initially. Persistence brings mixed nuts drizzled with thick honey with some vanilla and ginger.


Warming and silky-smooth feel with mouth coating flavour registering at just above delicate. Fresh barley with tropical mango and melon balanced nicely with baking spices and juicy orange chews.


Meduim length with pleasant warmth reflecting the drinking experience nicely.


Glen Spey

Region: Speyside

Age: 13

Vintage: 2008

ABV: 53.6%

RSP: £65.95




Notes of damp forest floors and raisins present on the nose just as the glass is raised above the lips. Not too complex but deep and thick and fatty.


Thick and mouth coating and bolsters the slight lack of complexity on the nose. Dark cherries and marzipan, with vanilla cream glazed with flambeed brown sugar. A very slight underlying note of sundried tomato props things up nicely.


Medium length and reflective of the palate with the slight addition of orange citrus.


An Orkney

Region: Higlands

Age: 8 years old

Vintage: 2012

ABV: 57.1

RSP: £60.95


Pale Gold


Fresh, fruity and medium pronounced with melon, pineapple, slight spice and cedar wood being enveloped in a thick fog of light smoke.


Oh yes! Warming and well balanced, tons of smoky tutti fruity, with the tropical edge of pineapple, grapefruit and citrus bonbons letting you know you’re alive. Ripe bananas and vanilla in the background just to remind you that bourbon casks can be great!


Medium length fizzles out slightly towards the end, but those fruity flavours persist with the slightest underlying smoky spice.



Region: Speyside

Age: 10

ABV: 57.1%

Vintage: 2010

RSP: £63.95


Pale Gold


Lightly pronounced and a tad musty at first, but let it sit and once you get your nose in, there’s fresh pastries, saw dust, vanilla cream, pineapple coulis and lemon cheesecake waiting.


Medium feel but well balanced and full of flavour, notably more in the way of cask influence. With warming ginger and lemon zest held together with pineapple chunks in vanilla ice cream.


Gratefully receives the baton from the palate, with sweet dry ginger and a reminder of pineapple for a medium fade.


They’re good at this, these two. Which is annoying, as I’d really like some ammunition for banter!

Ok, so. Four predictably great value whiskies here folks. If I’m being over analytical, I would suggest that the Glen Spey may have some inflections of the ever-polarising “sulphur” note on the nose, however (without getting into the “good vs “bad” sulphur conversation) it by no means dominates the dram.

A year ago, the first “19-year-old blend” from Watt Whisky comfortably won my “Best Value Whisky of the Year” vote. This year, the 8-year-old Orkney is at the front of the field. There have been a lot of those appearing from indie bottlers of late, this one is the cream of the crop for me. Robust, wholesome, and fruity, and just enough wood influence to balance the smoke. Great whisky.

But as ever loungers, you decide! Go try some!

See you soon,



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