Jul 22nd 2021 - Tasting notes

Connas’ Stunnas: Whisky Exchange Exclusives July 2021

Connas’ Stunnas: Whisky Exchange Exclusives July 2021

The Whisky Exchange have lots of friends who like to bottle whisky for them. After some great Glenfarclas and Arran recently. They’re back with a Connoisseurs Choice Caol Ila from Gordon and Macphail and a 10-year-old Benromach, let’s have a look!

Benromach 2010

10 Year Old Exclusive To The Whisky Exchange

211 Bottles


58.4% Abv





Engine oil and a mint mist with underlying custard and icing sugar.


Coats the whole of the palate, stewed apples with burned caramel and pears poached in brandy and star anise.


A medium long fade with a thick sour cream and burned pastry fade.

Caol Ila 2001 Gordon & MacPhail

19 Year Old Exclusive to The Whisky Exchange

192 Bottles


57.6% Abv





Gently Smoked ham and melon with a generous drizzle of honey and damp coal smoke.


A tongue coating fruity smoke engulfs the mouth, juicy pears, melon and grapefruit surrounded by a thick warming peat smoke fog and a touch of day-old bonfire ash. Some vanilla and charred creme brulee from the cask act as a grounding agent, but this is all about the smoky fruit cocktail.


Medium to long finish with the smoke slowly giving way to the fresh fruit once more.


More solid work from the Whisky Exchange and Friends here folks!

Both of these whiskies do ”What they Say on the Tin”. Thick and clinging Benromach typical of their style. If I’m nit picking, maybe the First Fill Cask has been slightly aggressive with the “charred notes” for my palate but trust me, I’ve had a LOT worse.

And I’m starting to think that they should just be done with it and change their name to “The We Pick Good Caol Ila Exchange”. A great dram.

And as always people, don’t take my word for it. Go and try some!




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