Apr 1st 2022 - Tasting notes

Gateshead Whisky News 01.04.2022

Pinch punch first of the month! We hope you’ve enjoyed the “April Fools” silliness today, Loungers! Clearly, we’ve been too wrapped up in preparation for Bristol Festival tomorrow to indulge in such shenanigans. But fear not, Connas has still had time to bring you all this week’s whisky news, without a single pause for laughter! (or is there?)

Twenty Year Wait Over!

The Jameson Anthology collection, comprising of the first Single Pot Still whiskey they have released in over two decades. Is on the way via ballot! I’d love to get my hands on some of these!

Epicurean Helping

Douglas Laing have announced that The Epicurean will be supporting the on-trade workforce in two ways in the wake of Covid-19. For every litre of its whisky sold globally, £1 will be donated to The Benevolent Society of the Licensed Trade of Scotland.

Additionally, they are recruiting mixologists to develop innovative new perfect serves to be replicated at home, in a bid to reduce the immediate financial pressure on bartenders facing reduced hours during the virus’ outbreak.

Good on them!

Windsor Sold!

Diageo have sold their Windsor blended Scotch whisky brand, including the W series, to a private South Korean equity group for £124m. Interesting…

Master O’Gorman!

Irish Distillers Kevin O’Gorman was crowned Master Distiller / Master Blender of the Year at the Icons of Whisky Awards last week! Congratulations Sir!

Turkey gets new Plume!

Wild Turkey have revealed a new bottle design for Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon. Very smart…

Dalmore 33 as NFT!

Dalmore have unveiled a 33 Year Old single cask whisky, which it will sell as 223 NFT bottles. Hmmm…

Set of Six from Stirling!

Stirling Distillery have revealed a set of limited-edition single malt whisky that will comprise six bottles matured in a plethora of cask types. Cool…

Button Drives Coach!

Jenson Button has made a foray into the spirits world with the launch of a blended Scotch called “Coachbuilt”.

14th Irishman Vintage!

Walsh Whiskey has released the 2022 vintage of The Irishman Vintage Cask, and it’s been hand-selected by The Irishman’s founder Bernard Walsh. Cool…

New Balvenie Finish!

Balvenie have unveiled three new whiskies in its Cask Finishes range for travel retail. Aged 15 and 18 years, feature Madeira and Pedro Ximénez finishing casks respectively, while the third whisky, a 16-year-old, was finished in French Pineau casks - the first time this cask type has been used by The Balvenie! Interesing….

Oldest Scocia!

Glen Scotia have unveiled its oldest and rarest limited-edition liquid to date, a 46-year-old with only 150 individually numbered bottles available worldwide. WOW!

English GI?

After seeking a geographical indication, English whisky producers have come together to consider the spirit’s place in the world whisky landscape. Exciting times…

Bladnoch Smoke!

Bladnoch Distillery have announced the latest addition to their 'Classic Collection'. “Alinta” will be the first peated whisky to be added to their range since the distillery was taken over by David Prior in 2015. Most intriguing…

And Finally…

Since I’ve been rediscovering my inner Heavy Metal fan in recent weeks, I here by confirm that you are all permitted to turn it up to 11 this weekend!

And I’ll see you back here next Friday!




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