Jan 14th 2022 - General news

Gateshead Whisky News 14.01.2022

It’s Whisky News time, Loungers! And Connas is slowly remembering to type “2022” in the date!

Regardless, here he is with all of the latest happenings in the whisky world!

Mat out for Dunphail!

Our good buddy Matt McKay has been appointed director of whisky creation and outreach at Dunphail Distillery, which is currently under construction. Congratulation’s fella!

Trace Donates!

Buffalo Trace Distillery are aiming to raise US$2 million for charities through the sale of 2,022 bottles of whiskey. Excellent work!

Diageo Sustainability!

Diageos 2030 sustainability pledges and actions have been externally recognised and placed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the fourth year in a row. Fair Play!

Success of the Irish!

Irish Distillers are celebrating an outstanding awards season after being honoured with 183 individual medals from the world’s leading taste and design competitions in 2021. Most impressive!

Old Book – Big Price!

A first edition copy of The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom by Alfred Barnard fetched £3,450 (US$4,690) at auction.

Brig Rebuilt!

Brig O’ Perth Scotch whisky is making a comeback exactly 125 years after its first release. Interesting times!

G and M for the Youth!

Gordon & MacPhail has been named a Young Person’s Guarantee Employer. Well done team!

And Finally…

This week, I learned that if you have a Newcastle accent and you say the phrase - "Courgetti Spaghetti". It makes people without Newcastle accents happy.

Every days a school day, folks!

See you back here in Seven!



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