Jul 15th 2022 - General news

Gateshead Whisky News 15.07.22

Summer is most definitely here, Loungers! Treat yourself to a weekly whisky news update in the shade with Gateshead’s own, Connas…

£16 Million Cask…

A whisky collector has bought a cask of Ardbeg distilled in 1975 for a record-breaking £16 million. Wow!

The Truth, The Half Truth and Nothing Like…

Caskshare are set to launch a whisky inspired by recent political event.A blended malt, simply named - The Big Lie.

Badachro Two!

Badachro Distillery has announced the release of Bad na h-Achlaise Ruby Port Finish Cask Strength and Madeira Cask expression. Interesing…

Master of Benromach!

Gordon & MacPhail have welcomed the arrival of Chris Porter to their Benromach distillery, with the Master of the Worship Company of Distillers paying a visit as part of his company’s 350th year anniversary.

Neutral Midleton

Midleton Distillery are hoping to become the first and largest carbon neutral distillery in Ireland by 2026! Cool…

Speciality Employment!

Speciality Brands have announced that they have partnered with charity “Only a Pavement Away” which supports people facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans into careers within the hospitality industry. Excellent work!

NFT Karuizawa

A bottle of 50-year-old whisky from Karuizawa, will go to auction via whisky-NFT marketplace BlockBar.

Manchester Drams

The Spirit of Manchester Distillery have launched their first whisky, the OnePointSix English, as it moves into the whisky market with a £1 million investment, the biggest since it was founded in 2016.

Core Lochlea

Lochlea Distillery have revealed their flagship single malt whisky, matured in three different cask types, it’s called “Our Barley”.

Cairn Flows!

Distillery and Executive Teams at The Cairn Distillery were joined by members of the Urquhart family, the owners of Gordon & MacPhail, for the first spirit run following completion of the commissioning phase of the distilling equipment. Exciting times!

And Finally…

It’s always this warm in Gateshead, I can’t see what all the fuss is about!

See you next week Lounge Types!



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