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Gateshead Whisky News -16th-July-2021

Gateshead Whisky News -16th-July-2021

Were back with more whisky news for you people! Here’s Connas with all you need to know from the industry this week!

  • Laser Guided Lomond!

The Loch Lomond Group have unveiled a new single grain whisky “Spearhead” which has been finished in infrared-toasted barrels. Very Cool!

  • Black Barrel Top of the Bill!

Having celebrated a Gold Outstanding and 98 points from the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2021 (IWSC), and an impressive Double Gold medal from the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) in recent weeks, Jameson Black Barrel took home the overall trophy for the best Irish whiskey at the ISC’s prestigious annual ceremony. Great work team!

  • Stagg Best Bourbon!

Stagg Jr. 131.1 Proof from Buffalo Trace Distillery was recognized as the Best Bourbon Whiskey in the “Best in Class” category of the inaugural 2021 ASCOT Awards.

  • Seaweed Whisky!

Origin Spirits Ireland, have announced the launch of their latest Currach Irish single malt whiskey expression. Currach – Atlantic Wakame Seaweed Cask. Interesting…

  • Torabhaig Two!

The second instalment of Torabhaig is almost here folks!

  • Tequila, it now makes whiskey!

Pura Vida Tequila owner Frontier Spirits have revealed plans to build a whiskey distillery in Texas, and it’s due to open next year!

Envy of Louisville!

Angel’s Envy Bourbon have revealed a huge expansion of its Louisville distillery! Wow!

  • Net Zero Nc’nean

Nc’nean has become the first whisky distillery in the UK to reach net zero emissions for production, beating the industry target of 2040 by 20 years. Brilliant stuff!

  • Uist up £2 Million!

Uist Distilling Co has gains £2m for low-carbon distillery, keep ‘em coming I say…!

  • And finally…

That is what you can call a “Life Saver”!

See you next week, Loungers!



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