Mar 18th 2022

Gateshead Whisky News - 18.03.22

It’s Whisky News time, Loungers! And reports would suggest that this week, your update is coming via rather potent hangover following Connas’ St Patricks Day celebrations. But fear not! We have been sure to re-enforce our responsible drinking mantra! Enjoy…

Stills In Northumberland!

Over 100 school children and local people gathered on the High Street in Wooler, Northumberland, to celebrate the arrival copper stills, which will become the heart of the Ad Gefrin Visitor Experience and Distillery when it opens later this year. I almost have a local whisky distillery! YAY!

Seasonal Lochlea!

Lochlea Distillery are launching the first in an annual limited edition series of whiskies inspired by the changing seasons at Lochlea Farm. Interesting…

Malthouse Rivet!

The team at Copper Rivet have launched “Malthouse Grain Whisky”. And it has a very interesting mash bill!

Wolfcraig Setback

Council Planners have refused permission for the build of Wolfcraig distillery in Stirling. The appeal will follow.

Eden Go-ahead!

Whereas plans for a new Eden Mill distillery and visitor centre on the St Andrews University Eden campus in Guardbridge have been approved!

Cotswolds New CEO!

Jeremy Parsons has been appointed chief executive officer of the Cotswolds Distillery as part of their expansion plans.

And Finally…

In an effort to recapture my youth last night, I may have inadvertently shifted the cultural evolution of the medium of dance forever. Oh dear…

See you next week folks!



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