Jun 4th 2021 - General news

Gateshead Whisky News -4th-June-2021

Gateshead Whisky News -4th-June-2021

It’s been a tad slow in the whisky press this week folks! Probably just as well, given that Connas has been up to his ears in various online Feis Ile celebrations. He’s still managed to compile all you need to know, in one handy update!

  • Column From Rivet

Copper Rivet Distillery have released Masthouse Column Malt. Britain’s first single malt whisky to be distilled in a column still and is made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter. Interesting…

  • Woolfburn Winning!

Wolfburn’s Langskip has won top honours at The Spirits Business Awards, being awarded a Gold Medal in the highly prestigious Scotch Whisky Masters competition. Nice…

  • Kavalan a Hit in Tokyo!

Kavalan took four of the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition’s top 5 single malts, ranking 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place out of all single malts entered from across the world this year. Impressive.

  • Auction Stuff!

60 whiskies from independent bottlers Silvano Samaroli and the Corti Brothers, curated by the celebrated connoisseur and collector Emmanuel Dron, is coming to auction in a landmark sale from Whisky Auctioneer. Have some of that!

  • Striking Issues

GMB workers at Chivas Brothers sites in Scotland have implemented a ban on overtime in response to the company’s pay freeze offer.Let’s hope this can be resolved quickly.

  • Whisky in Wiltshire!

The newly formed Wiltshire Whisky Distillery Company have revealed plans to open a grain-to-glass distillery next year, and is seeking to raise £3 million.

  • Uncles Pledge!

Uncle Nearest has launched a US$50 million fund to support minority-owned spirits brands, and create a ‘Black Wall Street’ within the industry. A great gesture.

  • Old Forester – New Rye!

Old Forester Rye Single Barrel is here, and it’s said by the brand to mark the first innovation of this rye recipe since the launch of its original 100 proof bottling.

  • And Finally…

I’ve very much enjoyed this year’s online Feis Ile. I have not, however, missed the midges!

That’s all for this week folks, see you in seven days for more!



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