Mar 7th 2022 - Tasting notes

Watt Whisky Feb 2022

It’s always nice to hear from Kate and Mark. More genuine whisky people you’re not likely to meet!

Their continued success in bringing great quality affordable “whisky for drinking” to the market is a breath of fresh air in my opinion. And they’re back with four new whiskies to tempt us with, let’s see how they stack up…



Vintage - 2007

Age - 15


ABV - 56.2%

Bottles - 279



Pale Gold


Medium pronunciation with banoffee, seashells, lavender and a pinch of baking spices.


Warming with sharper grapefruit cutting through the thick toffee and banana. The spice peaks are more pronounced here, with powdered ginger, coriander and anise intertwining with some floral heather.


Medium to long with the spice warmth fading and one or two reminders of sharp citrus and toffee.

Highland Single Malt


Vintage - 2000

Age - 21

Sherry Hogshead

Abv - 55.2%

Bottles - 308


Sold out online but you might find some on the shelf if you can get to Halls in Campbeltown or The Whisky Exchanges physical shops.


Pale Amber


Cinder toffee and chocolate orange with a medium to light intensity. Stewed pairs with honey.


Mouth filing warmth with cinnamon and nutmeg on mango and grapefruit. Dried oranges with candied edges and crisp granny smiths.


Spice led with a medium fade.

Milk & Honey


Vintage - 2018

Age -3

STR Hogshead

Abv - 57.1%

Bottles - 319


Sold out online but you might find some on the shelf if you can get to Halls in Campbeltown or The Whisky Exchanges physical shops


Pale Amber


Freshly sawn cedar wood with a welcoming potpourri in the background. Some cut grass and Guadeloupe melons.


Warming feel with oak spices slowly dissipating to leave notes of marmalade, zesty orange peel with lychee, peach and a touch of sharpness from grapefruit. If your palate wasn’t awake before, it will be now!


Long with spices lingering and integrating with the fruitier inflections nicely.

North British


Vintage - 2011

Age -10

Sherry Butt

Ex-Macallan cask

Abv - 57.1%

Bottles - 540





Light with toffee and vanilla at the front, persist and be rewarded with clotted cream fudge and the slightest spring of pineapple.


Thin feel but surprisingly mouth-filling, led by toffee, cinnamon and a touch of clove. Then a healthy serving of tropical fruit-juice I wasn’t expecting from a grain. Very pleasant!


Medium with fruit juice clinging while spices season.


Mr and Mrs Watt are not new to this. And to quote Mark…

“It’s not that difficult. Try the whisky, if you like it, put it in a bottle!”

They’ve done it again. Great drinking whisky at a reasonable price. If I’m being critical, maybe some of the floral notes in the Dailuaine aren’t my thing, but hey, some people like that sort of thing.

This was my first official outing with Milk and Honey Distillery, and I must say, this bottling is LOTS of fun, the kind of dram that just makes you smile. And the north British could well be the fruitiest Grain Whisky I’ve ever tried. Which is nice!

But as we’re all aware, folks. How good bad or indifferent they are is not up to me. That’s your job! So go and try some!

And I’ll see you back here soon,



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