Connas’ Stunnas: Raasay & Borders Distillers

There’s a strong historical link at the core of everything Raasay and Borders Distillers do. Co-founder Alasdair Day’s great-grandfather, Allan MacDonald, hailed from the Hebrides [...]

December 13th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Connas Stunnas: Steel Bonnets

Given the current political climate, it could be considered a gutsy move for an English distillery to unveil the first product containing their own single [...]

December 5th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Connas’ Stunnas: Distell Malt Gallery

Greetings, folks! Connas here again with a round up of the whiskies which marked the first ever Malt Gallery from Distell. No doubt you’ll all [...]

November 26th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes, Whisky Tastings|

Connas Stunnas: Scotch Malt Whisky Society At 35!

From experience, I’ve found that the stereotypical 'Average person off the street, who believes they know all about whisky because they once spoke to someone [...]

November 21st, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes, Whisky Festivals|

Tim’s Dusty Corner: Strathspey Highland Malt

It’s time for another visit to Tim’s Dusty Corner! As regular readers (Hello, Mum!) will be aware, each month I root around in the UK’s [...]

November 14th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Connas Stunnas: Diageo Special Releases Pt.2

Ok, Ladies and Gents, you’ve digested round one, now its seconds out, Round Two! Connas is back with the second and final instalment of his [...]

November 7th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Connas Stunnas: Diageo Special Releases Pt.1

It’s time, people! The dust has settled, the wounds have healed and Connas won the battle to review Diageo Special Releases 2018 (or he just [...]

November 5th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Connas Stunnas: Glenallachie Range

My first encounter with Glenallachie was at The Whisky Lounge’s Newcastle Whisky Festival in 2014. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society were pouring one of their [...]

October 29th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Connas Stunnas: Daftmill

For 13 years now, talk of Fife’s newest distillery, Daftmill, has been rife through the whisky-loving public. Since brothers Francis and Ian Cuthbert were granted [...]

October 17th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|

Tim’s Dusty Corner: Black Bottle 70 Proof

Hi folks, and welcome back to Tim’s Dusty Corner! This week I’m trying an older version of a famous brand, which is the type of [...]

October 10th, 2018|Blog, Tasting Notes|
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