You don’t have to look too far back to find out I’m a fan of Benromach, folks! In my opinion their core range is one of the most dependable front of house offerings on the market. And they’ve won the awards to prove it!

But that’s not the only reason they’ve had to celebrate, the distillery recently reached the landmark of 20 years under the ownership of Gordon and Macphail. So, as you would expect a flood of special releases have been on the market. From a 50-year-old (yes FIFTY YEARS OLD!) too Cask No.1 which was filled Prince Charles himself, it’s clear that the folks at the Forres distillery are in party mood.

So much so, that they’ve furnished me with some of their official 20th Anniversary bottling to try. A limited release of 3000 bottles containing spirit distilled in the first year of re-opening which disappeared in the blink of an eye, I’m looking forward to this….

Benromach 20th Anniversary Bottling.                                                                  


Vintage: 1998

Age: 20

ABV 56.2%

Maturation: Combination of bourbon and sherry.



Light Amber


Rich and instant ripe mellon gives way to oily wisps of smoke lingering around a fruitcake. With occasional hits of vanilla and orange zest.


Mouth coating viscosity initial hits of sweet spice with a touch of middle eastern influence giving way once more to rich fruitiness (with the inclusion of the “stewed stone” variety now…) and the mild smokiness suggested by the nose. Slight bitterness of dark chocolate comes with dry citrus peal and oily phenols just liiiiiinnnnngggggger.


Long and full finish with a creamy feel hanging through the citrus, stone fruits, thick oil and spice…


It’s great whisky, once again the team at Benromach have delivered, people! And with the accolades STILL pouring in, it would seem that they’ve got the world at their feet.

But, is there a fly in the ointment? Have Benromach stumbled into a “purple patch” inadvertently? Or is this an unashamed attempt at global domination!?

Who Knows?

YOU DO! I’m just telling you what I think, prove me wrong, I DARE YOU!

Cheers to Ben Bowers for furnishing me with a sample, hope to see you soon fella!

In the meantime folks, and as ever…

Remain Remarkable!