It’s almost Online Feis Ile time people!

Pack your virtual suitcase, click your CalMac replacement link, apply the cyber midge repellent and get comfortable for a weeks’ worth of Islay being beamed directly to a device of your choice!

We can’t be there, but we can still party with our pals from the Whisky Island. And every year, the party REALLY starts on Bruichladdich Day. In no small way because – not un-like Gateshead – IT NEVER RAINS ON BRUICLADDICH DAY! The sun always seems to shine down on the distillery on the first Sunday of Feis. Music, Friends (usually people you’ve not seen since the year before), Food and a myriad of whisky themed fun to engage in, wonderfully cements the fact that you’ve arrived on Islay, and the fun is just beginning!

And then there’s the small matter of the now fabled Feis Ile Bottlings! Specially put together for the festival, these whiskies are among the most anticipated releases of the year. And the ‘Laddie team are celebrating 20 years since the distillery’s reopening with a whisky put together from 6 barley types and 9 different cask types all representing milestones in the Distilleries Rebirth. Observe…

Bruichladdich Laddie Origins Recipe

Let’s get amongst it!

Bruichladdich Origins Feis Ile 2021

Limited Edition 3000 Bottles

Multi Vintage

ABV 57.5%

Available via ballot Sunday 30th May.


Deep Gold


Medium pronunciation with great balance between cask types. Thick vanilla followed by cinnamon nutmeg and cayenne pepper followed by pomegranate molasses. Dilution releases after-eight mints and ripe melon.


Rounded with a single cream cling and less in the way of heat in the spice delivery. Custard tart topped with ripe sharp raspberries, sweet paprika with a late showing from dragon fruit and mango. Water introduces a lemon confection and a slight suggestion of liquorish.


Medium to long length, vanilla and cinnamon lead with a slow decline through brioche and concentrated orange and barely water squash.


A solid dram from Bruichladdich here folks. And with trademark transparency employed to the point of supplying the recipe of the whisky, their intention of involving and sharing the Distilleries evolution is clear for all to see. And more importantly, taste. Their concept has been delivered, and intentions fulfilled.

God, I miss Islay.

Until I return Loungers, it falls to you to prove me wrong. Give it your best shot!

Cheers, and what ever you’re doing, have a great Feis Ile!