There will soon be a new Bruichladdich among us, Loungers!

Shrouded in intrigue, the first of three in the brand new “Ternary Project” series will be available via ballot exclusive to members of their mailing list (those who were on it before before the 31st of March, anyway) and will commence on Wednesday 1st April.

Little is known about these releases other than they “pay homage to a time in the distillery’s past when they refuted the practice of distilling one homogenised malt type. Combining their three most recognised single malts, this is three vintages of three spirit types, spanning over three decades of maturation in three classes of casks.”

Most engaging, let’s have a look.

Bruichladdich Ternary Project

We’re so ahead of the game, the bottle pic doesn’t exist yet!

Multi Vintage

ABV 52.1%

Available via ballot Wednesday 1st April.


Pale Amber


Sticky sweet spiced black treacle with a low-lying dusting of peat fog. Orange oil, demerara sugar, cinnamon, cloves and rye bread with baked apples and pear.


Excellent alcohol integration, does not present as high as 52.1%. An instant of liquorice then a slight warmth from the peat fog, parts into coating caramel texture. Followed by some fruit juice in the form of pineapple and melon. Chocolate roast malt with sundried tomato and brown sugar ends.


Long down the middle. Burnt cinnamon buns and a sprightlier surprise with sugared candied lemon zest. Then the fleshy orchard fruits setup the fade from the juicy apple and mango once more. Nice.


I wasn’t sure about this at first, but once it had had some time in the glass it won me over, big time.

Clearly the team at Port Charlotte set them selves a task of combining their Heavily Peated, Peated, and Non Peated makes to show case the entirety of what they can achieve with their stock. This may sound easy, but trust me, it would be far easier to get it wrong. The balance they have attained not only with their spirit but also with their cask selection is very impressive, and I doff my cap to them. One and all!

Happy Days!


You should know by now that you don’t have to believe or agree with me, GO AND TRY SOME!