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A chap at one of my tastings recently proclaimed that Glen Moray “can’t be that good, because it’s cheap”, thankfully I didn’t have to give in to my base instincts and tear proverbial strips from him. As some of my “regulars” in Newcastle are a well-informed bunch, so they did it for me!

I may well then have (after regaining my composure) directed him to a review that was published earlier this year, in which I did proclaim that, not only was the Elgin Distillery underrated, but it was also the best dram I’d reviewed on here thus far!

Since then, the Glen Moray Heritage Range has acquired a new permanent member, in the form of a 21 year-old finished in Port casks. Let’s have a look…

Glen Moray 21 Port Wood Image


Glen Moray

Age: 21-Year-Old

Maturation: Ex-Bourbon Casks, then a Port Wood Finish

ABV: 46.3%

Non-Chill Filtered

Price £120 (The Whisky Exchange)



Golden Barley with a Pink Hue


Edinburgh rock with very slight oily undertones. Bolder red and blackberries, dusted with icing sugar overtake the oil, then thick vanilla custard.


It’s a story of berries to begin with. Raspberries, brambles and rosehips are washed with a slightly sharper drop of lime cordial. Persist and be rewarded with mild spice and cold sour cream texture. Before a slight spring of fresh strawberry, toffee and dark chocolate sign off.


More sustained and slightly sharper than I was expecting. The berries and spices mingle with added lime zest, leaving a very pleasant mild viscosity entwined with memories “of the above”!


This is a great, well-balanced whisky, folks! They’ve hit the sweet-spot right between the Bourbon and Port casks and produced a dram that delivers on every level. You’re all used to me telling you to not take my word for it and try it yourselves. If you’ve ever believed Glen Moray are in some way (As Mammy Connas would say) “The poor relatives that have got nowt”. I really must insist that you give your head a shake! They have, do, and hopefully will make great whisky for years to come!

Happy Days!