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The Three Drinkers have been busy. They’ve been off on the road recording the second series of their show (without a certain slightly puce-faced Geordie to act as the traditional pint-drinking foil, which will clearly bring the final ingredient to their show, ensuring exposure to the lucrative Gateshead market) which debuts in December.

AND, they’ve had time to put their own bottling together! They’ve sent me some to have a try, so, as (for all I know) they say in the trade…

Lights, camera, (I’m not wearing makeup for anyone) ACTION!

The Three Drinkers Scotch Whisky Cask Selection No. 1 

Age: 17 year old

ABV: 45%

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Non chill-filtered  

No additional colouring

Each bottle has been signed by the trio

Price: £39 (Master of Malt)


Burning Gold


Ooooh, spicey! In a kind of Christmassy, Jerk-seasoning kind of way. Nutmeg, ginger and slight black pepper give way to a more fruit-cake maltiness.


Medium-thick feel, with continuing spice. The addition of cloves and cinnamon from earlier, dry (but still juicy) apricots and a very slight coastal influence in the background. Bound with some more nice dry fruit, mainly raisins and sultanas, if I’m not mistaken!


Warm and long, nice dry ginger fade with more of the clove, with a slight wisp of vanilla cream and heathery smoke at the end.


Well, based on this whisky, I may just have to have a word with my agent about dropping the “ham and peas-pudding stottie” clause from our on-going negotiations with the Three Drinkers recruitment team!

All joking aside, I’m pushed to find fault with this whisky, great balance, great price, a very solid expression indeed!

Well done Peeps!

Hope to see you soon.


By the way Loungers, as my gift to you. I’m allowing you, just this once, to GO AND FIND SOME. TRY IT. AND PROVE ME WRONG!