Edinburgh Festival Masterclasses and Experiences

As you’d expect, we’re running our famous blending workshops and cocktails masterclasses, giving you lots more one-on-one time with visiting, and in-house experts.

Old Pulteney with Gregor Stirling

Join Gregor, the brand ambassador for Old Pulteney, for a fascinating tasting of whiskies from this distillery that punches well above its weight.

It has been quietly going about its business of distilling fantastic single malt whisky for nearly 200 years and is well-know and loved by those ‘in the know’. Come and learn a bit more about it whilst tasting some good stuff.


Masterclass Times

Session 1 | 1pm



Founder’s Festival Tasting with Eddie Ludlow

Not for the faint of heart, this tasting will feature Eddie’s unique sense of humour, along with an incredible array of drams that you simply would not want to miss!

Eddie is the co-founder of The Whisky Lounge which is a business centered around his passion and enthusiasm for whisky. Allow him to show you how he sees whisky whilst tasting a selection of drams from his personal stash. 


Masterclass Times

Session 1 | 2pm




Cadenhead’s with Mark Watt

We at The Whisky Lounge are very excited to finally bring to you one of our favourite people and whisky bottlers.

Cadenhead’s are an independent bottler based in Campbeltown, who not only bottle incredible whiskies, but also rums, cognacs and Armagnacs among other things.

Mark is the man responsible for what makes it into the bottle and will not be afraid to tell you all about it! 

Masterclass Times

Session 2 | 6pm


Glenfiddich Solera Deconstruction with Mark Thomson

The Glenfiddich 15yo Solera is arguably the finest whisky in the distillery’s core range.

In this class, Mark Thomson, the Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador for Scotland and long-time friend of The Whisky Lounge, takes this iconic bottling apart, looking at all the component parts that go into making it taste the way it does.

Promises to be a fascinating and entertaining affair! 

Masterclass Times

Session 2 | 7pm



Art of Blending with Chivas

Blended whisky has been ignored for far too long, particularly in the UK, and Chivas are here to help elevate its status. You don’t have to be a whisky expert, but you do have to come with an open mind and be prepared to apply both your palate and your brain as you construct your very own blended whisky.

Chivas will guide you through the whisky blending, which is an art-form and also a lot of fun!

Masterclass Times

Session 1 | 12:30pm & 2pm

Session 2 | 5:30pm & 7pm



TWL: Whisky Cocktail Masterclass

Is the classic Manhattan your chosen tipple or is it the Whisky Sour, or Rob Roy that’s more your style? We’ll teach everything you need to know about blending stunningly-smooth whisky and combining it with mixers that contrast and complement the unique taste of ‘liquid gold’.

Masterclass Times

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