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Asia Vs Scotland

The Asiatic continents are not where most people would have expected high quality whiskies to emerge from in years past. So much of the Scottish product is exported to these areas that it seems fanciful to presume to make anything approaching this in terms of flavour.

However, in recent years, and beyond, it has become clear that whiskies from this area of the world CAN compete with the best of Scotch. Indian, Taiwanese and Japanese whiskies have stolen the limelight in many awards and competitions and now, in many cases, demand is outstripping supply. Many of our most famous (and infamous) whisky writers have waxed lyrical to the point of helping certain expressions sell out moments after they seemingly hit the shelves.

This tasting focusses on these whiskies, and their Scottish equivalents. We present you this series ‘blind’ so that you will know nothing about the whiskies you will be tasting until the end of the night, relying purely on your own palate to judge and explore the flavours on offer.

This is by far the best way to taste whiskies – leaving your preconceptions at home and judging the whisky purely by nose and taste, not by the glossiness of the packaging. It also makes for a fun and challenging experience all of its own…

Six delicious whiskies and lots of fellow whisky-lovers for you to bounce ideas off and mingle with. What’s not to like!

This tasting is suitable for all levels of whisky drinker.

A great experience awaits…

Asia Vs Scotland

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