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Blending Workshop – London

Create your own blend!

It’s not all about the Malt Whisky here at The Whisky Lounge. We love ALL whisky, including (good) blended whisky.

Blended whisky has been ignored for far too long, particularly in the UK, and we are here to help elevate its status. Great blended whisky can compete with the very best single malts and we believe that this needs to be common knowledge!

Aside from this, long ago we recognised, having dabbled in it ourselves, that blending is an art-form and is also a lot of fun.

You do not have to be a whisky expert, but you do have to come with an open mind and be prepared to apply both your palate and your brain as you construct your very own blended whisky.

You will be given the chance to try one or two classic blends to see where the benchmark lies before being let loose with your own set of whiskies and equipment.

You need to not only come up with your best possible blend, but also come up with an appropriate name for it. You will then bottle it in a miniature, label it and take it home with you to proudly show it off to all and sundry!

A great experience awaits…

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