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English Whisky Tasting 

English Whisky? Really?


The last few years, and last year especially, have seen English distillers really coming into their own, with multiple releases of mature single malt whisky. We have been following all of their progress with great interest and many of you may have spotted them at our events last year. They have also been picking up awards all over the place!

Therefore, we thought it was time that we help shine a spotlight on them with an exclusive tasting pack and a really exciting tasting event on the 8th May. You can view and purchase this tasting pack HERE.

At this virtual tasting event, we will be joined by a key representative from each distillery – from Brand Ambassadors, to owners and whisky-makers. Each will present their whisky to you, whilst you taste it, taking you through the production process and what makes that whisky tick. At the end of the tasting there will be a Q&A session, where you will get the chance to ask any burning questions you might have following the tasting.

As far as we are aware this is the first time this has been done with 5 English whisky distillers so it is an exciting opportunity for folks to be involved in this incredible event. The distillers involved are;

Bimber Distillery – London

The Cotswolds Distillery

The Lakes Distillery

Spirit of Yorkshire

St. George’s Distillery – Norfolk


There will be only 90 packs available and the same number of places on this tasting, so ensure you are quick and get your pack before they sell out! Click HERE to buy now!

Don’t forget by buying one of the packs you are helping those in need, with £5 of every pack sold going to the Drinks Trust – a charity supporting vulnerable workers in the drinks and hospitality industry.


This tasting features 6 whiskies and, as usual, you won’t be tasting these whiskies alone. You’ll be in the virtual company of fellow whisky folk and, of course, one of our whisky experts, who will be on hand to entertain and enlighten you in the ways of the dram.