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An Irish Whiskey Celebration.

Irish whiskey deserves your attention! As simple as that.

Not that long ago, the choice of Irish whiskies available to the enthusiast was limited, to say the least. Therefore, for many years, those that call themselves whisky lovers would defer to Scottish whiskies or even those from elsewhere in the globe.

However, the Irish industry is undergoing a massive resurgence.

New distilleries are popping up all over the country like wildfire, whilst the more established distillers have finally recognised the need for more exciting and tasty whiskies.

That is where this tasting series comes in. We have teamed up with one of the new distillers on the block, The Quiet Man, plus possibly the country’s most established distiller, Jameson to bring you a tasting that will hopefully make you look again at Irish whiskies.

Jameson (along with Bushmills) are responsible for carrying the Irish whisky industry for many years. However, they wouldn’t mind us saying that they have played it a little safe up until recently. However, they are rectifying this by releasing some truly stunning whiskies that are unique to them.

The Quiet Man are bringing whiskey distillation back to Londonderry after over 100 years. Whilst waiting for the distillery to be finished, and for the whiskey to reach maturation, they have unparalleled access to casks from established distilleries which they are now bottling and releasing.

That these tastings are also close to St. Patrick’s Day is pure coincidence. Or is it?

This is a celebration after all!

Come and discover (or re-discover) Irish whiskey through this intriguing and tasty series of events.



This tasting features 6 whiskies and as usual you won’t be tasting these whiskies alone, you’ll be in the company of fellow whisky folk and of course one of our whisky experts, who will be on hand to entertain and enlighten you in the ways of the dram.

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