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Here at TWL HQ – as you know, or should do – we are all about whisky and we are of the belief that whisky is where life begins and ends.

However, we have been led astray. We have been shown things that have opened our eyes, minds and palates to spirits from warmer climes made using things other than malted barley.

An example of this has been aged, quality rum. We are not now talking about the ubiquitous brands that have been marketed as an ideal accompaniment to cola-based drinks. We are talking about rums that have been produced and cared for in the same way that our favourite single malts have.

El Dorado Rum is produced at Demerara Distillers – the last surviving distillery on Guyana. It houses three types of still, including the last working example of Aeneas Coffey’s original wooden continuous still from 1880. In this series we will be learning more about rum in general, and El Dorado specifically, whilst tasting rums up to 21 years old against benchmark whiskies of similar age and value.

You will get to taste 6 delicious spirits (3 rums and 3 whiskies) in the company of fellow whisky-lovers of all levels. The tasting will be hosted by one of our friendly and knowledgeable spirit experts and will last approximately an hour.


Please note:

This class is taking place in the evening session of The Liverpool Whisky Festival. To attend this masterclasses an evening session ticket is also required, which you can buy by clicking here, please email info@thewhiskylounge.com stating the order number on your session ticket when booking this class.

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