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Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye Virtual Tasting

What is American Whiskey?

We here at The Whisky Lounge focus, mainly out of preference and demand, on Scottish-style whiskies, wherever they might come from. However, we also recognise that different style whiskies are made elsewhere and many of them are worthy of our attention!

This tasting aims to educate and entertain those with an interest in both the classic whiskies of the USA, as well as the new-breed of producer. Questions such as ‘What is Bourbon?’, ‘Why Rye?’ and ‘Why is American whiskey generally spelt with an “e”‘ will all be covered.

The tasting, and accompanying tasting will include several Bourbons, a Rye and even a USA single malt whiskey.

Eddie Ludlow, Founder of The Whisky Lounge, will be your host and will fill you with lots of information. He may even show you how to make one of his favourite drinks – the classic ‘Old Fashioned’…

At the end of the tasting there will be a Q&A session, where you will get the chance to ask any burning questions you might have following it.

Fear not if you cannot make the tasting itself, as this will be available to view ‘on demand’ on our Facebook page, after it is streamed live.


The whiskies on tasting;

Westward Distillery                      Single Malt Whiskey 45%

Four Roses                                   Bourbon 40%

Four Roses                                   Small Batch 45%

Four Roses                                   Single Barrel 50%

James E Pepper                           Rye 46%

You can take part by taking advantage of the exclusive ‘Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye’ tasting pack. You can view and purchase this tasting pack HERE.

Each pack contains a 20ml sample of each whisky. 

We will be broadcasting a ‘taste-a-long’ at home, live video stream on Friday 21st August at 9pm on Zoom and Facebook Live. Don’t worry if you cannot make the live stream, as this will then become a permanent fixture on our FB page. Our Facebook page can be found here;



During this challenging time, we have decided that for every tasting pack purchased through our website, we will donate £5 to a nominated charity supporting workers in the drinks and hospitality trade. For the Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye Tasting pack we will be supporting The Drinks Trust.

Please note. There is a slight delay in getting packs out – for fairly obvious reasons – but you will receive your tasting pack before the online tasting on the 21st August.