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World Whisky 2017 – Leeds

Welcome to 2017.

Whisky from Japan and certain other areas is no longer a novelty.

Whiskies from around the globe have won countless awards and have been the subject of numerous articles and competitions.

Fact: Whisky can be made ANYWHERE

Fact: Great whisky is being made EVERYWHERE

Ok, that last bit is not entirely true, however, it does seem that quality whiskies are emanating from areas of the world you definitely would not associate with distilling barley.

From cool and wet northern Europe, to hot and dry Asia (a slight generalisation I know), whisky is made by those with a will and a way, some using very sophisticated modern equipment, some relying on older, more traditional wares.

This tasting series is all about seeing where we are now with World Whiskies. In common with the last time we did this series, we will be conducting it blind (hiding the whisky bottles, not actually blindfolding you!) in order to create a completely even playing surface.

You will, therefore, not find out what the whiskies are until the very end of the night, relying purely on your own palate to judge and explore the flavours on offer. This also makes for a fun and challenging experience on its own…

Six whiskies, six countries and lots of fellow whisky-lovers for you to bounce ideas off and mingle with.


A great experience awaits…

World Whisky 2017 – Leeds

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