It’s whisky news time again, everyone!

Read on for the ups and downs in the whisky world directly from the legend in his own lunch box [Not a great mental image – Ed.], our own Connas…

  • Hampden-White, Primed!

Our good buddy Colin Hampden-White is about to be a star of the screen! The trailer for The Three Drinkers – an Amazon Prime show – has debuted, give it a look folks. He’s a good chap!

  • MacMillion, Again?

Another Macallan (not the same as the last one, this is a different one) is expected to reach the £1,000,000 mark next month at Christie’s (not Linford, the other one… No, not Agatha. THE OTHER ONE!)… [Julie? Tony? No, wait… Brinkley? – Ed.]

  • 35th For The Midleton!

Irish Distillers have revealed the 2018 edition of their Midleton Very Rare Irish whiskey collection – the 35th in the series! Matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks and aged between 12 and 28 years old, Midleton Very Rare 2018 will be available this month for an RRP of £150.

  • Two New Woodfords

Woodford Reserve have announced two new whiskies in their Masters Collection. The ‘Select American Oak Bourbon’ is matured in Ozark oak, while the ‘Oat Grain Kentucky Bourbon’ (unsurprisingly) contains oats in the grain recipe. Interesting…

  • Core, What A Sales Report…

William Grant’s have posted a 12.6% rise in profits for 2017 following strong performance from core range products such as Glenfiddich and Balvenie. Nice…

  • New Old Pulteney In Airports!

Not content with a full overhaul of their in-store range, Old Pulteney have revamped their travel retail offerings as well! A 10 Year Old, a 2006 Vintage and a 16 Year Old, priced at £40, £50 and £80 respectively. I feel a holiday may be needed, or maybe just a flight to Bristol…

  • Happy Birthday, Glenallachie!

It’s a year since Billy Walker, Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson took over the Glenallachie Distillery and to mark the occasion Glenallachie have announced all kinds of plans and goodies that will be with us soon!


Talisker are making a series of short films intended to celebrate elemental adventures in a year long campaign. Here’s one of them… (can’t wait for the one filmed on Gateshead High Street…)

  • In The Gauldrons!

Douglas Laing have released the third batch of their Halloween offering: The Gauldrons, a vatting of Campbeltown single malts, complete with a spiders web on the label and everything!

  • Plastic Paddies?! Down With This Sort Of Thing!

The Irish Whiskey Association is upping efforts to combat the sale of fake Irish whiskey globally. Good on them, I say – can’t beat the real thing.

  • Glenglassaugh, Two Octaves Up!

Glenglassaugh have announced two new releases of whisky from Octave (65 litre) casks. Both drams are bottled at 44% and non-chill-filtered. Classic Batch 2 and Peated Batch 2 are made up from various sherry, port and bourbon Octaves, and I’d genuinely like to try some…(if you happen to be reading, Glenglassaugh people, hint hint…)

  • Brora Rising!

Diageo have planning permission for their new Brora distillery, exciting!

  • Caminando a Madrid

Diageo abrirá la primera “tienda minorista experimental” para su marca de whisky escocés Johnnie Walker en Madrid el próximo mes.

  • And Finally…

Right now, our Editor is really pissed off because my Spanish is better than my English! [That’s a pretty low bar, tbh… and I still had to check it with Google Translate! – Ed.]

That’s all for this week, folks, I’ll be back here like clockwork next Friday for more Whisky News!