Gateshead Whisky News

It’s Friday Whisky News time Loungers! And as we write, you will no doubt be aware that an exercise in Democracy has taken place. If your choice won, well done, why not have a celebratory dram! If your choice didn’t win, commiserations. Why not have a conciliatory dram while you prepare for the next chance!

Either way, our Gateshead Dram Candidate is standing solidly in your corner, bringing you all you need to know from the whisky industry this week! Order….etc…

  • ‘rothes to the Skies!

Glenrothes has unveiled the second bottling from its Exclusive Single Cask Series in travel retail. And it’s a 19-year-old from bourbon! Nice….

  • Brown Forman Growth…

Brown-Forman (Owners of GlenDronach, BenRiach and Jack Daniels among others) have reported a net sales increase of 5% in the first six months of its 2020 fiscal year, boosted by Tequila and premium Bourbons. Awesome effort…

  • Nc’nean Funding!

Nc’nean Distillery are looking to raise £1 million through crowdfunding to help speed up its growth. Interesting times!

  • New Karuizawa Collection!

There’s new Karuizawa on the way this Tuesday, and you can enter the ballot here! These will be SERIOUSLY hot property!

  • Virginia Journey Continues!

The Virginia Distillery Company have released its Second Journey Cask “Britannia Whisky” produced by our buddies from The English Whisky Co. In Norfolk!

  • 52 year Salute!

Royal Salute has launched one of its most exclusive whiskies to date with “The Time Series 52 Year Old Single Cask Finish”. Wow…

  • Blue Label Engraving!

Johnnie Walker has teamed up with actress and writer Mindy Kaling to create festive messages for bottles of Blue Label. Fancy…

  • Aberfeldy Pop up!

There’s an Aberfeldy Pop-up shop in Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport, if you happen to be passing through. It looks the part….

  • Auction Stuff…

The world BIGGEST bottle of whisky is up for grabs on Just Whisky this month!

AND, more details of what is expected to be the Largest EVER whisky collection to come to public sale have been divulged. And my bank manager should be getting very nervous…

  • Taylor made, for the win!

Independent bottlers Duncan Taylor had a great year at the Whisky Magazine’s Independent Bottlers Challenge, check this out for a list of winners!

  • Music to my Ears!

Glenturret have teamed up with Folk Band, to bring us a limited edition 15-year-old! Nice…

  • Snail’s Pace at Kilchoman!

Kilchoman Distillery has had a new species of snail named after it, errr, that’s to random for even ME to think of a pun (Whaaaat! That’s news in itself! – ed)!

  • Big 5 For Kingsbarns!

Fife’s Kingsbarns Distillery are toasting their five-year milestone with a new Founders Club bottling! Good on them!

  • More Tariffs?

More talk of tariffs from the US, joy….

  • More Single Cask Kavalan!

There’s another Single Cask Sherried Kavalan on the market people! Get some before Eddie beats you to it!

  • ‘Fiddich to the moon and back!

Glenfiddich have given their 18 year-old a lunar makeover. Cosmic!

  • Bimber Founders Bottling!

Details of Bimbers first Founders club Bottling are here! It’s an ex-bourbon cask which was laid down in 2016 – Bimber’s first year of production. Bottled at 57.8% ABV, with natural colour and no chill-filtration. And you can only get one if you’re a founder! This excites me greatly….

  • And Finally…

This is taking “Cask Finishing” a bit too far…

That’s all for this week folks, come back next week for the last Whisky News of 2019!



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