Cover image courtesy of Connas’ mate: Gatesheed Lad, Leo Douglas.

Friday Whisky News time, folks! Connas has been on his weekly rummage so that you can once more benefit from the fruits of his findings! 


  • G & M Circular!

Gordon and MacPhail have revealed plans for their new Speyside distillery... and it’s looking awesome!


  • Busy Times In Dublin!

Not content with the opening of their brand new distillery, Dublin Liberties have announced THREE new expressions. They don’t do things by halves!


  • New Waters From Rothes!

Renowned Speysiders Glenrothes have announced two brand new single malts under the name of ‘The Aqua Collection’. The Whisky Makers Dram and Aqua 12 Year Old are available exclusively from their website.


  • Auction Stuff

There’s now an auction site specialising in Irish Whiskey!

Also, a cask of 1989 Macallan has sold for a staggering £161,500.

While another bottle of the Peter Blake Macallan has sold for £615,000


  • Tariffs Hit Jack!

Brown-Forman, makers of Jack Daniel’s, have estimated that retaliatory tariffs on American whiskey could knock US$125 million off its 2019 financial results. Oooof…


  • The Very Core of Glasgow!

Glasgow Distillery Company are gearing up to release their flagship range, which will consist of three different styles of single malt. Nae Bother…


  • Reimagination of Bourbon

Fred Noe, of Jim Beam fame, has partnered with the chief blender form Suntory, Shinji Fukuyo to create a new blended Bourbon called Legent (pronounced ‘lee-jent’, as in ‘My name is Lee, and I’m a gent’). I find this rather intriguing…


  • Glenlivet add to their Winchester Collection

The latest expression in Glenlivet’s Winchester Collection has been released. Only 150 bottles of the 1967 vintage will be available for a cool £19K.


  • UK Slane!

Slane Irish Whiskey is now available UK-wide!


  • Public House For Sale!

Legendary whisky bar The Grill in Aberdeen is up for sale. Please don’t let some horrible pub chain get their grubby hands on it! PLEASE!


  • Fireman Jack!

Not disheartened by issues over tariffs, Jack Daniel’s has launched a partnership with the Volunteer Firefighters Council. Good on ’em….


  • Berrys Get Perspective…

Our good pals at Berry Bros. & Rudd have released a new range of whiskies in collaboration with photographer Lindsay Robertson, with the intention of highlighting the partnership between art and whisky. Four expressions entitled The Perspective Series will be available from the 25th March, nice…


  • Dingle Dangle 4th Single Malt…

(Bloody hell that was poor punning, even by my standards) [Standards?! – Ed]

Dingle Distillery’s fourth single malt, a marriage of Bourbon, Sherry and Port casks, will be available from 8th April for an RRP of £80. Nice…


  • Tamdhu Two!

Two new Tamdhus will soon be with us, folks! A 15 year old and the Batch Strength No 004. Happy Days…


  • No Deal Bad…

A No-Deal Brexit would have been bad. But that’s not happening now so it’s all rosy, right? Right? Hello…?


  • “The” 1975!

Tomatin are bringing out a 1975 vintage, and I would bloody LOVE to try some. But I probably won’t. Never mind…


  • Ben Romin’ Sherry Smokin’!

The folks from Benromach have released a new Peated malt, and it’s sherried as well! Nice…


  • And Finally…

A pun walks into a bar. It kills ten people.

Pun-in Ten-dead! Wahay! [What were you just saying about ‘standards’? You’re fired. – Ed]

Have a great week, Lounge types. Sounds like I’m on blending workshop duties at Newcastle Whisky Festival on Saturday, come and have a go, why don’t you?!

Connas out.