Gateshead Whisky News

Our last festival of the year is upon us folks, and we’d just like to take a brief moment before the news to say thanks to everyone, our exhibitors, staff, venues, food vendors, security teams, taxi drivers, couriers, fast food outlets, service stations, hotels, train companies, various music streaming and online navigation services, the Romans, The Late Great Keith Chegwin…

Errr, No. 3 café of Heworth, the guy at our Edinburgh Digs who helped Connas back to his room, and most of all EVERYONE WHO CAME TO A SHOW! It’s been awesome, and we can’t wait to get going next year!

That being said, here’s Connas with this week’s news!

  • Triskelion Effect…

Highland Park have brought together not one, not two, but THREE master whisky-makers to collaborate on their new release Triskelion.

  • Johnson urge…

The UK’s Prime Minister is urging the US President to lift some tariffs. Good luck to him…

  • Real Shetland!

Shetland Distillery Company – UK’s most northerly distillery – has launched a blended Scotch whisky, which has been partly matured on the Scottish island. I imagine it’s quite windy up there…

  • 42 from the Club

Canadian Club have added a 42-year-old to their “Chronicles” series. Nice….

  • Corry on bottling!

JJ Corry have bottled their oldest whiskey ever “The Chosen” comes in at 27 years old. Just a touch older than me…

  • Lest We Forget

The English Whisky Company have released a whisky marking the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

  • Glasgow’s Amazonian!

Beam Suntory have created an Amazon-exclusive expression of Auchentoshan, and it’s been finished in ex-Sauvignon Blanc wine casks.

  • R and B hit £200000

Isle of Raasay Distillery, have secured up to £200,000 in funding for new bottling facilities and additional warehousing. Happy Days!

  • 40th for the King!

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the owners of Taiwanese whisky distillery Kavalan, King Car Group, have released a limited-edition single cask bottling. Another one for Eddie to chase…

  • Penderyn in the Press!

The folks from Penderyn have been busy! Distillery manager Laura Davies has appeared in a Government Video about trade and investment,  CEO, Stephen Davies has been interviewed about Welsh Whisky’s heritage AND there’s been some VIP’s spotted with some bottles!

  • Expedition for Silver!

Ardgowan Expedition has taken silver at Hong Kong international whisky awards, awesome stuff..

  • Fighting Fakery!

Instead of whinging about fake bottles on the Secondary market, the team from Just Whisky are launching a guide helping buyers to “invest safely and know the tell-tale signs of a fake”. Fair play…

  • Charity Auction Stuff

Not content with only educating us on spotting fakes, the Just Whisky team are doing their bit for the RNLI with this lot containing no less than SEVEN Islay whiskies which were collected by fund raisers ROWING around the island. Amazing effort… Go bid on it!

  • Quiet Man on hold…

Lux Co have halted work on the Quiet Man Distillery, insisting that plans may go ahead in the future. Hmmmm….

  • Westward come Eastward!

American single malt Westward is coming to our shores people! Be ready!

  • Ramp It up for Christmas!

Rampur – India’s oldest distillery – have a couple of new bottlings ready, just in time for the festive period!

  • Blinded by the Amber Light!

Our good buddy Dave Broom has collaborated with and they’ve made a film no less! The Amber Light debuts at cinemas around the country as follows, GO AND SEE IT PEOPLE!

Mon 25 Nov, 18:00. The Cameo – Edinburgh.

Wed 27 Nov, 18:15. Cinema City – Norwich.

Mon 02 Dec, 18:30. Picturehouse Central – London.

Thur 05 Dec The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy.

Fri 06 Dec, 18:30. City Screen – York.

Sat 07 Dec, 17:30. FACT – Liverpool.

Tue 10 Dec, Catford Mews – London.

Wed 11 Dec, Square Chapel Arts Centre – Halifax.

Thu 12 Dec, 18:30. Crouch End – London.

Tue 16 Dec, 18:30. Harbour Lights – Southampton.

Thu 19 Dec, 18:30. Duke Of Yorks – Brighton.

  • And Finally…

I’ve never been in a movie, but my dad was an extra in the cult classic “Stormy Monday” with Sting in it and everything….


That’s all for this week folks, I can only imagine it will get busier toward the end of the year, so be sure to check in for more this time next week!


See you then!



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