Yes, it’s Friday again – Huzzah! So that must mean it’s time for this week’s Gateshead Whisky News – Double Huzzah! Plus tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland are going for the Grand Slam, so there’ll be an extra blog tomorrow where I drink lots of Irish whiskey – Triple Huzzah! Anyway, here’s Connas with this week’s whisky news:

We’ve got Whisky News, Loungers!

Highlights from this week’s whisky industry happenings from the warmth [?] of the Cultural Epicentre [??!] that is Gateshead! [subs, please check – Ed.]

Lets Get To it….

  • Benroma’, Benroma’, Benromach we’ll go!

Our friends at Benromach are in celebratory mood this week after their 10 and 15 year old expressions won in their respective categories in the World Whiskies Awards. Well done guys! (The 10 year old Cask Strength is a particular fave around the TWL Office).

As if that wasn’t enough, they have also secured the employment of the one and only Kat Presley (regular at TWL Festivals), to look after the brand in London and the South! Great way to start the year on all fronts! [Connas, we regret to inform you that it’s the middle of March.  The clocks are going forward next weekend – Ed.]

  • First Time For a Long Time in Glasgow…

Glasgow Distillery have announced the launch of their “1770 Glasgow Single Malt”. The name is a nod to the original (now demolished) distillery which was founded in that year, and only 5000 bottles will be made available via a ballot!

  • Waterford Dynamic!

Irish Distillery Waterford have become the first distillery in the country to produce spirit from bio-dynamic barley. This method of farming is highly time-and-energy-intensive, but many great wine producers have used it and produced exceptional products. Lets hope the philosophy has similar results in the world of whisky!

  • Bladnoch Bicentennial Bottling!

Bladnoch are marking their 200th anniversary with a one-off bottling of 1988 vintage whisky. The spirit is initially matured in Oloroso casks before an 18 month finishing period in Moscatel casks. Only 200 will be available at an RRP of £5000 each.

  • Harrogate Whisky!

In a move that will also include a new visitor centre, Harrogate Distillery (home of Whittaker’s London Dry Gin) has announced a huge extension to incorporate whisky-making facilities! Embracing a holistic “grain to glass” approach, the extension will even include solar panelling and a herb garden!

  • Embracing Irish Culture

Bushmills have teamed up with musician Foy Vance and poet Jon Plunkett for a celebration of Irish culture just in time for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day…

  • Compass points to Muse!

Bespoke blenders and proud innovators Compass Box have announced the latest release of their famous blended grain Hedonism. “The Muse” will contain a total of seven casks of various types, which they have kindly listed and itemised on their website. Very transparent, good on them!

  • Brace of Bunnas

Islay’s Bunnahabhain distillery have two new limited edition releases. Both whiskies are cask strength: the first is an unpeated expression finished in PX casks; the second is peated spirit that was finished in Brandy casks (interesting!).

  • And Finally…

Following a great show at Newcastle Whisky Festival last week (cheers to all involved!), the TWL team decided to go for a few beers in town. Clearly, they’re not cool enough to socialise half a mile down the road in Gateshead. [Not if it’s full of eejits nice people like you, Connas – Ed.]

Gateshead high street

Gateshead High Street, yesterday. [Pic from]

See you next week for more whisky news folks!

Stay Savvy,