We’re mid-way through July Loungers! And Connas has managed to distract himself from Gatesheads imminent playoff quarter final for long enough to keep you updated on this weeks comings and goings in the whisky industry! Observe….

  • Michters Single!

Michter’s Distillery have announced the launch of the 2020 release of its 10 Year Old Single Barrel Rye. I’m starting to get a real taste for rye…

  • Paperback Bottler!

Diageo have unveiled a plastic-free, paper-based spirits bottle, which will debut on the company’s Johnnie Walker range of Scotch Whisky early next year. Interesting stuff!

  • Glasgloan!

Glasgow Distillery have secured a £5.5 million loan to help it expand internationally. And best of luck to them!

  • Bourbon Flowing!

Whiskey website data proves that drinkers in the US maintain consistent bourbon preference. Nice!

  • Investment, Liberty and WHISKEY!

Spirits advisory company Harris & Simms have acquired a stake in American whiskey brand Saint Liberty for an undisclosed sum.

  • Diageo Digi-filling!

Diageo have partnered with the University of Strathclyde to create a digital whisky cask-filling process that could save the Scotch industry millions of pounds. Futuristic!

  • Saddening Sign of the Times…

Edrington have announced that jobs will be cut at all three of their Distillery Visitor Centers in Scotland. Our heartfelt best wishes for the future go to everyone affected by this, stay strong.

  • Moray Three!

Glen Moray have announced three new distillery exclusives. All between 16 and 17 years old from various different wine casks. Can’t see these lasting long…

  • Eagle Rare Winner!

Eagle Rare swept the bourbon categories at the 2020 International Whisky Competition, claiming four first place medals. Impressive!

  • Malt-teasers!

Esteemed purveyors of Whisky themed events The Whisky Lounge (you’ve heard of them, right?!). Have announced a very special online tasting, which not only allows you to try some excellent drams from Balblair, Old Pulteney, An Cnoc AND Speyburn! But also lets you flex your knowledge muscles! You should keep an eye on this lot, they’ve got some great stuff coming up!


  • Folklore Three!

Independent bottler Cask 88 have announced the release of the third in their award-winning series of single cask whisky bottlings inspired by the legends of Scottish folklore. It’s a 19 Year Old Laphroaig finished in Château Léoville-Las Cases Bordeaux barrique – and they’re available to reserve, here!

  • ‘Farclas Doing their bit!

Glenfarclas have released a limited edition 10-year-old single cask whisky and will donate 10% of sales to a local foodbank. Excellent work!

  • Nc’nean Celebrate!

Nc’nean are offering 60 casks of new make spirit for sale to the public in celebration of the upcoming release of its first Scotch whisky bottling. Exciting times!

  • New Fettercairn!

There is now a 22-year-old in Fettercairns core range! Wowzer!

  • Broar, Whisky for water!

Charlie MacLean’s sons have launched two whiskies to raise money for clean water projects in Madagascar. Just 168 bottles of MacLean’s Pillage, a blended malt, and 299 bottles of MacLean’s Spillage, a blended Scotch, went on sale at 10am today at Royal Mile Whiskies. Go buy some!

  • Kingsbarns Familiy Reserve!

The first instalment of the brand new Kingsbarns Family Reserve is here people!

  • And Finally…

I’ve been re-visiting the work of the great Spike Milligan recently. To my eternal discredit I had forgotten his most valuable advice for curing Sea Sickness. Quite simply…

“Sit under a Tree”.


Thanks for coming to see us again folks, have a great seven days. And Ill see you back here next week for more Whisky News!