Gateshead Whisky News

May is here one and all! And as we continue to focus all of our collective efforts on out manoeuvring the ongoing pandemic and finally calling “Check-mate!” on its advances. Connas is here once more with all you need to know from the whisky industry this week…

  • Aurora Dram’realis!

The world’s most northern distillery “Aurora” in Norway will release their first single malt “Bivrost Niflheim” this month!

  • Wolf Father

The good folks from Wolfburn have a special edition Oloroso matured offering for Father’s Day! My dad doesn’t like whisky. I might just get one for myself…

  • A Trace of Wheat..

The Boffins at Buffalo Trace have been playing around with the idea of using Wheat in their Mash Bill, the result is the brand new “Experimental Collection”. This sounds interesting…

  • On Trade Legalities….

Some of our colleagues in the On Trade are experiencing some issues around claiming Insurance since the pandemic started. Solidarity to them.

While measures have been announced to protect Hospitality from aggressive landlords.

  • Life from Mars!

The first -and highly anticipated- whisky from Japans Mars Distillery is now available for pre-order. This will fly.

  • In-Down Off-Up.

Somewhat predictably reports suggest that hospitality trade sales have dropped significantly while retail sales have rocketed.

  • Ireland looks to recovery…

Drinks Ireland are looking at a plan to get the industry back up and running once restrictions are lifted. It’s nice to have a plan….

  • New ‘Lachie!

GlenAllachie have launched the second batch of whiskies in their Wood Finish range and will mark the occasion with a live tasting, led by master distiller Billy Walker, next month. Nice…

  • Continued support from Diageo…

Diageo have pledged $4m to the US On Trade AND their Scottish distilleries have donated a HUGE amount of hand sanitiser to local authorities. Fair play…

  • Sazeraction!

Sazerac are also donating 14,800 N95 respirator masks to the healthcare industry in the US.

  • Auction Stuff…

The folks at were hit with a cyber attack last week, hope they can get it sorted out soon!

  • Glengoyne Puzzler!

Distract yourself with a limited edition Glengoyne Jigsaw folks, and automatically donate to charity. Great idea!

  • Jura 44!

Jura have created just 21 bottles of a 44-year-old whisky exclusively for travel retail. Wowzer!

  • Blacks Investment…

Blacks Brewery and Distillery in Kinsale are moving onto the second phase of their founder’s club. Interesting…

  • Walsh around the World!

Ireland’s Walsh Whiskey Distillery have appointed five new distributors in Asia for their Writers’ Tears and The Irishman brands.

  • ‘Laddie Feis!

The team at Bruichladdich are bringing Feis Ile to you, cyber style! Great to see…

  • Raise a Glass!

Our buddies at Glencairn are marking their 20th anniversary with a whole host of activities, go and check it out! Congrats Everyone!

  • And Finally….

Random thing I learned this week….

The Tricarboxylic acid cycle, (TCA cycle), also known as the Krebs cycle or citric acid cycle, is the second stage of cellular respiration, the three-stage process by which living cells (including yeast cells during fermentation) break down organic fuel molecules in the presence of oxygen to harvest the energy they need to grow and divide.

So, there you go…
Every day is a school day Loungers!
See you soon!