They seek him here, they seek him there, most importantly, they seek to find out where the bloody hell the Whisky News was last week!

Apologies folks, Gatesheads answer to Barry White has a strict timetable to work to on St Valentines Day, and he couldn’t care less if you’re kept in the loop or not!

Clearly, we’re jesting!

Logistical issues meant that we were unable to get the news posted last week – sorry about that – so here’s Connas now, with a double serving!

You lucky lot…

  • New Spring in Your Step…

There’s a new Springbank 25 AND 12-year-old Cask Strength in town! And there’s a good chance there’s non left by the time you’ve read this!

  • Fresh, new distillery!

Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co. in Kentucky are investing big bucks on a new distillery, with work scheduled to begin this year. Fair Play…

  • The thought that counts….

Think Spirits has donated a HUGE amount to support the rescue and recovery of Koalas following the Bush Fires in Australia. Awesome work.

  • 88 years’ worth of ‘Fiddich!

Glenfiddich have added two 44-year-old whiskies to its Rare Collection – Glenfiddich 1975 Vintage Cask 4706 and Cask 5114, for just under £7K per bottle. Bargain!

  • O’Mizunara!

The folks from Irelands Glendalough distillery are releasing a 17-year-old finished in Mizunara casks. I think I like the sound of this…

  • Sweet Amber Stake!

Amber Beverage Group have bought a majority share in Indie Brands distribution firm. Hopefully this means exciting times for our buddies at Lochranza on Arran!

  • Fig of a comeback!

The good people from Wemyss have announced the return of  Velvet Fig! A 25-year-old aged in Sherry, nice…

  • A pair of Roses Bloom!

We have news of not one, but TWO new official Rosebank bottlings. They will be available via a ballot, and there are only 100 bottles of both! Form and orderly line, behind me….

  • A pot of Kilbeggan!

There’s a new Single pot still Kilbeggan with us people, get amongst it!

  • Lindores for Oz!

The good folks at Lindores Abbey Distillery are auctioning a cask to raise aid for Australian wildlife charities. I approve of this kind of behaviour.

  • Award Season is here!

The Scotch Whisky Awards are now officially taking entries for their next round of rewards, if last year was anything to go by there’ll be a strong line up….

  • Dylan on Tour!

Heaven’s Door (the brand-new Whisky from one Mr Bob Dylan) will be with us very soon! Exciting time!

  • Johnny Worker?

Fancy a job at the huge new Johnny Walker Experience in Edinburgh? Well, have a look here!

  •  The proof of the Woodford…

Woodford Reserve are launching a new Batch Proof whiskey as part of its Master’s Collection series. It has the same grain bill and process as Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon and it’s bottled at 123.6 proof.

  •  Tomatin 21!

Tomatin have launched a travel retail-exclusive 21-year-old whisky, matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. I like Tomatin, if anyone gets any, let me know!

  •  New HQ, in New York, Neeeeeeeeeew Yooooooooork……

Diageo have created 350 new jobs with the opening of its relocated North American headquarters at New York’s World Trade Center. Wowzer…

  •  Dal’y 51!

There’s a new Damore 51-year-old, and no doubt there will be people fighting for one!

  •  8 million Jameson!

Sales of Jameson surpassed 8 million cases last year, that’s 48 million bottles! Awesome numbers!

  •  Fall out from Coronavirus

Pernod Ricard are expecting the coronavirus outbreak to have a “severe” impact on its China and travel retail business. Not good…

  •  Flying High over Jack…

Famous Grouse outperformed Jack Daniels over the festive period, interesting…

  •  Japanese Blossom…

Yoshino Spirits Co have launched of the “first” whisky finished in Japanese sakura wood casks. Most engaging…


The Whisky Exchange have bottles 2 new expressions of Karuizawa, and you can enter the ballot for them HERE!

  •  Recipe shake up…

Apparently, ongoing tariffs are having an impact on how some distilleries make their whisky, this is a touch disturbing…

  •  New PORT ELLEN!

Douglas Laing have a new Port Ellen on the way. Errrr, someone get me one please!

  •  Speyside Festivities…

Spirit of Speyside are really pulling out the stops this year. Check this out!

  •  A drop of the Old Irish….

Middleton are releasing the OLDEST EVER Irish Whiskey. There’s not much else needs to be said on that…

  •  Baaaaah’rdbeg!

Details of the next Ardbeg Committee bottling are with us, they’re not known for being sheepish, but….

  •  New Bimber!

Four limited edition Bimber releases will be available for visitors to purchase at the distillery from Thursday 20th February. I’ll be there March 2nd, leave me some!

  •  Auction Stuff

Whisky Auctioneer have broken all kinds of records with the first round of the HUGE Richard Gooding Collection auction….

  •  GlenAllichie success…

GlenAllachie have had a fantastic start to 2020 as they were awarded numerous prizes at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards.

  •  A Trace of Brilliance…

Buffalo Trace have been named American Whisky Distillery of the Year by the Whisky Magazine…

  •  Bowman the Bestman!

Following on from Buffalo Traces’ success, John J. Bowman Single Barrel Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey was named America’s Best Non-Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon at a recent ceremony in New York City. Nice…

  • And Finally…

What was that?

“Explain and describe the roll of Gelatinization in making Scotch Whisky?”


“Gelatinization unravels starch graduals in barley.

In Barley, starch is stored in a series of rolled up molecules called granules. When heat is added the granules unravel and loosen the starch molecules.

This makes the molecules more accessible for yeast later during fermentation, thus speeding up the eventual metabolising of sugar.”

You’re welcome.

Yeah, I was doing the WSET Level 3 In Spirits qualification last week.

See you next week, by which time I’ll have forgotten all of that!



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