Spring has sprung, Lounge types! And the team are just about recovered from an awesome show in Newcastle, thanks to everyone for coming! But it’s no rest for the wicked, as our Bristol Whisky Festival is less than a month away. Clearly, Connas has more important things to do, and keeping you up to date with the industry’s weekly happenings is just one of them…


  • Welsh Rye Goals…

Welsh distillery Aber Falls has commenced production of Wales’s first rye whisky and launched a new ‘accessible’ range…


  • More Than Just A Clyne-lick Of Paint!

Diageo are spending a whopping £150mil on a new distillery centre at Clynelish


  • Viva Aqua Vitae!

Madrid distillery Santamanía has released its first range of Spanish single malt whiskies, called Mentidero.


  • New Fitzgerald!

Heaven Hill have announced the release of the Spring 2019 edition of Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


  • Tartan Barmy!

Despite a notice of opposition, the Scotch Whisky Association failed to overturn a ruling that allows a Japanese retailer to register a trademark containing the term ‘tartan’…


  • Irish Island Whisky!

Irish island distillery Cape Clear wants to start distilling, so they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign


  • Teresa’s Batch Big In The US

Booker’s Bourbon has released the first limited edition whiskey from its 2019 Batch Collection, bottled to celebrate long-time distillery employee Teresa Wittemar.


  • Treble Double For Dewar’s!

Dewar’s have three new travel retail-exclusive whiskies that have undergone a ‘four-step ageing process’, it says here. Interesting…


  • Double Dozen For The Irish!

The Operational Distilleries count in Ireland is now officially 24, since Killowen fired up their stills.


  • Mortlach Comeback!

Mortlach have unveiled the first Scotch whisky from their new Singing Stills Series – a 47-year-old single malt. That’s quite old!


  • Oh! Canada!

Those lovely Canadians have asked for abolition on alcohol tax, a noble ambition…


  • And Finally…

The team stayed in Gateshead [See above pic of Connas’s gaff, courtesy of Gatesheed Lad, Leo Douglas.] after our Newcastle Festival at the weekend. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t rain.

It never rains in Gateshead. Ever.

That’s all for this week, folks! See you back here in 7 days for more!