At this time of year Connas would usually be struggling to get time to provide you all with something to read on a Friday, as he’d be busying himself pinballing around various events in Campbeltown! Clearly this year is different! So, he can get his finger out and do some proper work, talk about “First world Problems”. Here’s this week’s news, people!

  • Compass Box Initiative…

The team at Compass Box are not letting up with their charitable efforts, their fundraising is continuing with gusto. Why not see f you can help….? 

  • Wemyss Annum?

Fancy winning a years supply of whisky? Wemyss have you covered…. You’re welcome!

  • Canadian Four Scoop!

No less than Four of Sazerac’s Canadian brands have picked up an award at this years San Francisco Spirits Competition! Nice….

  • Viva Las Vegas!

The Lost Distillery Company took a roll of the dice and raise a staggering $2.2 million to build a distillery in Las Vegas…. Wow!

  • Charity Auction Stuff

Whisky Auctioneer raised more than £35,000 through the sale of seven bottles of Daftmill to support independent whisky bars across Scotland. Astounding work!

And, 450 bottles of the Glenfiddich 2007 Spirit of Speyside Distillery Edition 2020 whisky, which will be auctioned for Speyside causes including Moray Food Plus, Keirans Legacy and NHS Grampian. Good show….

  • It’s the Vinyl Countdown!

Blackened American Whiskey have released a boxset including vinyl recordings of the whiskey’s collaborators, Metallica! Have some of that!

  • Ruby Redbreast!

Irish Distillers revealed its third limited edition Dream Cask bottling on Saturday, “Redbreast Dream Cask Ruby Port Edition.” Happy Days!

  • C’town On-line!

For those of us (meaning EVERYONE) who can’t get to the Campbeltown Malts Festival this year (This makes me very sad), fear not! (What!?) They are taking it ONLINE! (YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!) I’m very emotional right now…

  • Putting the “B” in B Corp…

Bruichladdich are the first whisky and gin distiller in Europe to meet the required social and environmental targets to become a certified B Corporation. Always ahead of the curve those ‘Laddie peeps…

  • Penderyn Winning!

It’s all go in Llandudnow! Firstly, the team can now offer hand sanitiser.

Next, a Robert Johnson biography wins Penderyn Prize (it’s not a book about tonic water, if you’re reading this, Eddie).


They have only gone and got planning permission for £5 millions worth of new distillery!

  • Forum ‘n’ Games…

There will be an online forum next week to discus key issues facing the industry.

  • Glasgow Complete the Treble!

Glasgow Distillery have completed their Signature Range with a triple-distilled single malt matured in virgin oak casks. Interesting….

  • Buffalo Wheat!

Buffalo Trace have released the latest in their Weller Single Barrel Range, and it contains Wheat in it’s mash bill…. Most engaging!

  • And Finally…

You may have noticed that Eddie Debuted the first instalment of our new Wednesday night staple “Desert Island Drams” over on Facebook this week.

This week, he’ll be interviewing non other than one of Gatesheads greatest exports, non other than the incomparable Mr Collin Dunn! This will be great fun, so tune in at 21.00 on Wednesday!

Just the Tonic!
See you back here next week for more news folks!

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