Whisky News Time, folks! This week, Connas is taking in all of the cultural and historical greatness that Campbeltown has to offer while diligently reporting on all of the whisky industry’s comings and goings, from Redbreast to Octomore. So spare a thought for our editor who has to translate on his behalf! [What the heckin’ heck are you talking about, Connas – I have to translate your gobbledegook every week! – Ed.]


  • Dickel In Bond!

Diageo have released a limited edition 13-year-old bottled-in-bond expression of George Dickel, their Tennessee whiskey brand. Nice…


  • Ardbeg Keeping Time!

Islay isn’t the only place you can celebrate during the Feis Ile festival. Ardbeg have events all over the world, get involved peeps!


  • Book Ahead With BA!

British Airways have teamed up with InchDairnie Distillery to create a limited edition whisky, which will be served on the airline’s flights in 2031. Don’t say we didn’t give you plenty of warning!


  • 5 Alive!

Label 5 have released details of their snazzy new packaging


  • Greene King Of The Cotswolds!

Cotswolds Whisky will now be listed in more than 700 pub venues thanks to a partnership with Greene King. That’s awesome news for the team, well done guys and girls!


  • Doubles From The SMWS

Two stories from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society this week! Firstly, they’ve released details of what’s in their warehouses, there’re some really interesting stats in here. I’m not sure if any other indie bottler has ever done anything like this, Forbes? [Your faith in my omniscience is touching, but misplaced. – Ed.]

Also, we now know exactly what they’re bottling for this years Islay and Campbeltown Festivals. I may well have to partake…


  • OctoFeis!

Bruichladdich have bottled a sherried Octomore for this years Feis Ile, I’m going to try and get some on Saturday!


  • Glen Scotia Get A Parliamentary Visitor!

I’ve been saying for ages that you’ve not done ‘Whisky Tourism’ until you’ve been to Campbeltown, and now there’s an MSP backing me up!


  • Fashion And Function!

You can now get a snazzy tweed hip flask when you buy a Glendronach 12yo! What more could you ask for?!


  • Satisfaction For Sale!

With an estimate of £25k-£35k, a rare bottle of Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary whisky is up for grabs at Bonham’s next month….


  • Balvenie Tell Tales…

Balvenie have launched a new collection of whiskies inspired by stories of “endeavour, craft and unexpected twists”. Hmmm, these intrigue me greatly…


  • Feis Indie Festival…

The first ever ‘Indie Whisky Feis Ile’ whisky festival will take place on Thursday 30th May, and I’ll be there! (but don’t let that put you off!)


  • Kentish First!

Anno Distillers has partnered with Westerham Brewery to create what is thought to be the first whisky produced in Kent. Great effort!


  • Inaugural Sixty From Ncn’ean

Highland distillery Ncn’ean are offering 60 whisky fans the chance to purchase their own maturing casks, ranging from ex-Bourbon to ex-wine barrels. So be quick to avoid disappointment!


Editor’s Warning: Due to shite WiFi the charming adherence to traditional values on the Mull of Kintyre, the editor has been forced to step in and finish off this week’s whisky news.  Apologies in advance for any linguistic clarity, unexpectedly amusing puns or general lack of garbled Tyneside gibberish you may experience.


  • Redbreast Keep Dreaming

Following the runaway success of last year’s Redbreast Dream Cask, Irish Distillers are doing it all over again! This time it’s a Redbreast 20yo Pedro Ximenez sherry cask finish. Last year’s edition sold out in just six hours, so if you want one you’ll need to act sharpish before the flippers snaffle them all…


  • Falkirk Fingers Pulled Out

After almost a decade of development, the Falkirk Distillery in Polmont – which received planning permission in 2010 – is finally set to open its doors and start producing spirit this year.  Boasting a theoretical capacity of 1.1 million litres thanks to a (monster) mash tun and stills from the defunct Caperdonich, Falkirk Distillery will be the latest addition to the encouraging revival of Lowland whisky production. Bravo!


  • Buffalo Benefit

Buffalo Trace distillery have bottled their six millionth barrel and are donating all the bottles to charitable organisations for fundraising! US bidders, get involved…


  • Clearly ‘Livet

Glenlivet have announced a ‘bold’ new redesign for their core range, making this editor feel old and stupid because he had couldn’t tell what the changes were from glancing at the pics. As it turns out, the 12yo has relinquished its green glass bottle (probably should have spotted that) while the rest of the range have a new colour code badge on the label. Huzzah?


  • And Finally…

This is the bit where Connas usually makes some inane observation or particularly appalling pun.

But he’s not here! So I’ll give you a week off.