It’s news time, folks: Connas has waded through and weeded out the huge influx of promos for Burns Night-related shenanigans so you don’t have to! Read on…

  • Rye Forest

For the first time in 148 years, Old Forester are releasing a Straight Rye Whisky, good on ’em… [And interesting that they don’t use the ‘e’ in whisky – Ed.]

  • WhistlePig Reaching!

Rye whiskey producers WhistlePig have sold a minority stake of their business to an investment banking firm in an attempt to expand their international reach.

  • More Oldies From G and M!

Not content with bottling the oldest ever Caol Ila a couple of months ago, Gordon and MacPhail have gone ahead and followed it up with the oldest ever Glen Grant! 70 Years Old! Wow…

  • Nevada Nirvana!

Bently Heritage Estate Distillery in Nevada will be open soon! Exciting times!

  • Suntory Down Six!

It would seem that Suntory are a victim of their own success! Massive demand has meant that they’ve had to trim six brands from their whisky portfolio

  • Seconds Out For Second Genesis!

The second installment of Macallan’s Genesis (with all kinds of shiny extra bits) will be available via ballot next month. You don’t have to go and queue at the distillery or anything!

  • And Finally…

Looks like Macallan finally have some competition in the secondary market

Imagine that guy’s hangover!

Thanks for dropping in again folks, see you back here next week for more!