OK folks, we’re ALL really excited about the long-awaited prospect of the return of pubs, restaurants and so forth! We’d just like to drop you a little reminder that our friends in the off trade are coming out of the most challenging time in their history, and even MORE changes are afoot. Please bare this in mind when you decide to re-engage! And remember, whatever you decide to do on a Friday, there’s always Connas with the week’s whisky news!

  • Moray… under the knife!

Glen Moray have created a new monthly online series to bring drinkers together and share knowledge, called Whisky Surgeries.

  • Compass Box Proof!

Our good buddies at Compass Box have appointed Proof Drinks to be their new UK distributer. Happy days…

  • Donegal no longer running dry…

Donegals 180-year break in whiskey distilling is about to be over, as Crolly distillery looks to begin production within weeks! 

(Shout out to my bro Paulie, without whom, this would have completely passed me by. Cheers dude.)

  • Rescheduled Awards!

After a monumental effort given the “current circumstances” the Scottish Whisky Awards celebration has now been scheduled for Thursday 19 November 2020.

  • Condon to Cork!

Katherine Condon has been appointed to the position of distiller at Midleton Distillery in County Cork, Ireland. Best of luck, Katherine!

  • More from Kintyre!

Beinn an Tuirc Distillery in Torrisdale, Kintyre are hoping to expand into making Whisky. The more the merrier say I!

  • Pagoda Completed!

Glenfarclas have completed their Pagoda Reserve Series with the addition of 63-year-old Glenfarclas Pagoda Sapphire Reserve. And I must admit, they look pretty awesome…

  • Whisky, Si?

Casa Lumbre are set to launch two new spirits in the UK next month including a Mexican whisky, called Abasolo.

  • US Re-openings!

Both Buffalo Trace AND Barton 1972 will re-open (with strict safety measures) on the 1st July… Nice…

  • Whisky and Beer…

La Martiniquaise-Bardinet has expanded their Sir Edward’s blended Scotch whisky range with the addition of a Scottish beer barrel-finished expression.

  • Diageo Recovery Fund!

Diageo have pledged US$100 million to help bars and pubs worldwide recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Well done them!

  • Nation – O’Shaughnessy!

O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company has launched and introduced former Midleton man Brian Nation as Master Distiller, wowzer!

  • MacKenzie in Dream Land!

John MacKenzie has bagged his dream job after being named the new Manager at Aberfeldy! Congratulations Sir!

  • And Finally…

If you wear your socks inside out. The entire universe is in your socks, apart from you!

Just think about that…

And I’ll see you back here next week for more whisky news!