Gateshead Whisky News

November is slowly closing Lounge Types! And our friends in the on-trade are braced for the onslaught of office parties and once a year revelers! Since we don’t have to worry about all of that, it’s Whisky News as usual all the way to 2020! Here we go!

  • That’s not Scotch!

Scotland’s whisky trade body has won a legal battle with an Australian drinks maker which was selling a product it labelled as “Scotch” but which was clearly made thousands of miles away from Scotland…

  • Timing is everything!

Since we’re supposed to be practicing Democracy soon, a politician has said something.

  • Glencairn Darkness!

Our buddies at Glencairn have created just 1,000 black iterations of its whisky glass to celebrate Black Friday this week….

  • It’s a Hinch!

County Down are counting down to the opening of Hinch Distillery in Ballynahinch. The multi-million-pound project will employ 42 people – Happy Days!

  • Peat Hits the big 33!

Douglas Laing have released the oldest ever “Big Peat”, which comes in at 33 years old! And there’re only 1,500 of them, be quick!

  • Collector Record!

A Vietnamese collector has been officially recognised by the Guinness World Records as the owner of the most valuable whisky collection. So, it’s in Vietnam, interesting…

  • Distiller Inner Mongolia!

Energy producer “Mengtai Group” have unveiled plans to build a whisky distillery in Inner Mongolia next year. That’s two Chinese distilleries on the way…

  • Auction Stuff…

Bonhams have got a Macallan Millennium Decanter up for grabs soon…

  • Don’t Drink and Drive!

Diageo are re-invigorating their “Join the Pact” campaign, aimed at highlighting the dangers of Drink Driving. Good on them.

  • Highland Dispute!

A lawsuit filed by Joseph A. Magnus & Co in Washington DC claims Highland Distillers does not have the right to use the mark “Magnus” on a Highland Park malt whisky it sells in America. I suppose we’ll have to see about that, then!

  • Council appoints members!

Education and certification body The Council of Whiskey Masters has added 22 people to its inaugural advisory board.

  • The Bible according to Rock Town…

Our pals from Rock Town in Arkansas had some awesome scores in this year’s whisky bible. Check these out…

  • You’re not Tomataking our name!

Tomatin have opposed a local company’s move to name a £12 million hotel development after its namesake Scottish village. So they should…

  • This is an X Warehouse!

Experiments buy Buffalo Trace have collected 9.1 points of data and concluded their “Warehouse X” temperature research! Nerd-tastic!

  • New Vintage Jura!

Jura has unveiled two limited edition whiskies: Jura Rare Vintage 1989 and Jura Rare Vintage 1988 – 2019. Interesting…

  • Kilchoman in the Club!

The Kilchoman Clubs vatting of one oloroso sherry butt and three bourbon barrels filled between October 2006 and December 2007, bottled at cask strength. Was available via the Kilchoman website from noon on yesterday priced at £119.40. You never know, there might be some left!

  • Arrans a Banker!

Barclays have provided funding of £25 million to Arran distillers, in order to develop their new Lagg Distillery. Wowzer!

  • New Rosebank!

In addition to their restoration plans last week, Rosebank have announced that new bottlings will follow soon! Can’t wait for those!

  • When you wish upon a Starward…

Australian Distillers Starward have a new CEO and a huge new investment package. Nice…

  • Haig Documentary…

A certain ex-soccerball star is going to be in a documentary about whisky…

  • Heaven in the UK!

Heaven Hill Bourbon will be distributing in the UK via Proof drinks soon! About time, if you ask me..

  • More Success for Sazarac brands!

3 of Sazaracs Canadian brands; Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky, Royal Canadian Whisky and High River Canadian Whisky received awards at this year’s New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. There’s just no stopping those folks!

  • BenRiach get Gifty!

Benriach have launched a swanky looking Bottle and Glasses pack, just before the festive season!

  • Dingle the Third!

The latest release of Dingle is with us people, and there are only 3,400 bottles. You’ve been warned!

  • New threads for Mates!

Jamesons have unveiled a slick new look for their “Caskmates range. Swish…

  • The names More. Bow More….

Aston Martin have partnered with Bowmore to create exclusive bottlings and experiences. I wonder if “Pothole avoidance on Islay” is one of them…

  • Xtra Old on the Way!

Douglas Laing & Co have unveiled two antique single cask releases under its Xtra Old Particular Black Series. And they’re looking pretty epic to be fair!

  • Filey Bay 2!

That man Joe Clark is on a role! Spirit of Yorkshire’s second single malt is on the way, and they’re having a snazzy launch tasting! I’ve not tried the first one yet!

  • Half a Century of Balvenie!

Balvenie are releasing a 50 year-old. No need to say anything else.

  • Anyone for a Cuppa?

The eagerly awaited 7th instalment of the Glengoyne Teapot Dram is here. Can’t see it lasting long!

  • And Finally….

You rarely see a baby pigeon. Weird eh?

That’s all for this week folks!

You know where it’s at, next week…

Come back and get some!

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