Salutations fellow dram fans! This week, the news roundup is coming to you (via a hangover) from the glorious surroundings of Campbeltown. (Expect an update on my shenanigans soon!). So, without further ado…

  • Tasty Tazzy Dramming

The guys from noted Tasmanian Distillery Sullivan’s Cove have released a new “Double Cask” expression, comprising of both ex-bourbon and ex-tawny casks. They’ve had some stonkers in the past so this will be one to look out for…

  • Cots-world Beaters!

The Cotswold Distillery have been awarded the ‘Craft Producer of the Year’ in the ‘Rest of World’ category of the Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky awards. Considering that their own spirit only went on sale this year and the competition in the category that’s not half bad!

  • GlenDronach Line Up A Strong 15

GlenDronach distillery have released 15, yes FIFTEEN new single cask expressions. Fans of the brand will not be surprised to learn that most of them are from sherry casks, however one has been 13 years in a port pipe. History would suggest that these will be HUGE!

  • Distell Still Selling!

Distell, the owners of Bunnahabhain, Deanston and Tobermory Distilleries (among others) have announced a significant rise in the group’s revenue. Favourable market conditions and strong spirit sales have resulted in a 7.7% rise in international revenues. Nice.

  • Indie Laga!

An independently-bottled Lagavulin is not something that you see often (if memory serves the last one that the SMWS bottled was 2001). So this stuff from the Creative Whisky Co. is likely to fly off the shelves. A ten year old refill hogshead, yummy! Blink, and you’ll miss it. No foolin’ with the Lagavulin.

  • Since I was there yesterday, here’s what’s going on in Campbeltown at Springbank!

You may be interested to know that the next newsletter from Campbeltown’s finest may well report on an attempt at human buckaroo in Warehouse 7, by a certain Gateshead-based spirits enthusiast. Or maybe not…

  • Dramborians, ASSEMBLE!

The dates for the annual Dramboree event have been announced. A little bird tells me that (for a variety of reasons) there’s going to be some EPIC stuff going on. This will be unreal!

Thats all from Campbeltown for now folks, I’ll be back in Glorious Gateshead next week.  In the meantime, remain remarkable…