Friday whisky news time, folks! This week, Whisky, Whiskey, and more WHISKY! Take it away, Connas…

  • You’re Only As Old As The Statement On Your Bottle!

Balblair have replaced their Vintage range with a new set of 12yo, 15yo, 18yo, AND 25 year old expressions. Looking forward to trying these…


  • Legal Action? G-Easy Does It…

Stillhouse Spirits, who are backed by hip-hop artist G-Eazy, are suing minority stakeholder Bacardi for US$100 million for alleged extortion, fraud, breach of contract and financial wrongdoing. Crikey!


  • Raasay on a Roll!

R and B Distillers are in celebration mode after picking up a World Whisky Awards Gold for Raasay While We Wait 2018  and two Silvers for The Tweeddale Grain of Truth and Evolution.

They’re also having a whisky and music event at the distillery. Marvellous!


  • I See A Stay At Three Ships!

In a first for Africa, Three Ships Whisky is offering whisky-lovers the ultimate experience of staying at Africa’s only commercial whisky distillery, The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington…


  • Sir Glen Edwards?!

Glen Moray owners La Martiniquaise have announced two new whiskies! Firstly a new Glen Moray Classic Collection finished in ex-Cabernet Sauvignon casks. And a new Sir Edward’s blended 12 year old. Nice…


  • Maltings For Laddie!

Bruichladdich are getting their own maltings! What with their emphasis on barley etc… this is AWESOME news!


  • Double Triple Props For Diageo Recruitment…

There is now an all female team running Talisker distillery (I dream of a day when this is not unusual). AND, Diageo supply apprenticeships are now open! [And they’re now offering all staff 52 weeks parental leave on the birth of a new baby, with the first 26 weeks on full pay! Bravo! – Ed.]


  • Politics… [Must we? – Ed.]

*STOP THE PRESS* Someone thinks that UK politicians need to get a grip. Also, water is wet.


  • Brexit [Seriously Connas, you’re really harshing my mellow here… – Ed]

London-based distiller Sacred Spirits has partnered with The Wilderness restaurant in Birmingham to create a limited edition whisky – The Brexit Blend. I honestly thought this was an April Fool when I read it. It’s not.


  • Glenrothes 69, Dude!

Last Drop Distillers have unveiled two single cask Glenrothes single malts from 1969. That’s 100 years worth! Whoa!!!


  • New ‘Fiddich Ambassador  

Former Artesian bartender Alex Walker has been appointed as UK national brand ambassador for Glenfiddich. Best of luck fella, hope to see you on the road at some point!


  • Glass Turret!

Lalique Group has paid £15.5 million for a 50% stake in Glenturret distillery as part of a joint venture with Swiss entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss.


  • Ardnahoe Open!

Islay’s newest distillery Ardnahoe is officially open and running tours! Get behind me in the queue…


  • Irish Fakery!

“Fakes aren’t a huge problem” Connas, 20.03.19

“Hold my beer…” – Ireland, 03.04.19



  • More Irish (Legal This Time!)

Ireland’s Sliabh Liag Distillers have submitted a planning application to build a new €6 million distillery and visitor centre in Donegal, which would bring Irish whiskey production back to the county for the first time in 177 years. Happy Days!


  • And Finally…

Here’s Mark Steel, testifying on the subject of the world’s cultural epicentre. I was there, righteous…

Consider yourselves up to date Lounge types! Have a great weekend!

See you next Friday!


[Thanks once more to Connas’ mate – Gateshead Lad, Leo Douglas – for our lovely cover image.]