June is here Lounge types, and after a flurry of activity around various festivals going on-line it’s been a bit of a quiet week, news wise. Here’s Connas to illuminate you with a small but perfectly formed news update!

  • Bens New Mac!

Benromach have had a complete revamp of their packaging. Which means – among other things – you can now read the label without squinting! Great work…..

  • Madeira Moray!

Glen Moray have expanded its “experimental” Elgin Curiosity range with the launch of a limited edition matured in Madeira casks. Nice…

  • Peat Road Trip!

Douglas Laing have unveiled a limited-edition Big Peat to celebrate this year’s virtual Fèis Ìle festival: an eight-year-old blended malt named after an iconic Islay road. Consult the Highway Code before purchasing please!

  • Chasing the Buffalo!

The annual 5k Great Buffalo Chase is now on-line! Get running folks!

  • Auction Stuff…

Sothebys first spirits sale of the year raised a total of £1.5 million, wowzer!

  • Fighting for malt!

Glasgow Distillery Company have released their first ever blended malt, which was inspired by the story of the malt tax riots across Scotland. Interesting…

  • Scotia Fest Continues!

The folks at Glen Scotia had such a good time delivering their festival online, they’ve decided to keep it going! Have a look at what treats they have for you here…

  • New Bimbers incoming!

Batch 001 of Bimber’s Ex-bourbon Oak Casks will be available to order directly from the online distillery shop from 9th June. Yeah, these will fly!

  • Glenglassaugh through a lens…

Glenglassaugh are joining forces with one of Scotland’s leading wildlife filmmakers on Instagram next Wednesday (10.06.2020) to explore the connections between coast and cask.

  • DID!

And when your done there, head directly over to The Whisky Lounge page for our next instalment of Desert Island Drams. Featuring our good buddy and distilling genius at Dublin’s Roe and Co Distillery, Lora Hemy. And £10 says she’ll choose a track by St. Vincent!

  • And Finally….

I can’t end this update without congratulating ALL of the teams at the Islay distilleries, Feis Ile is a huge part of everyone’s year in our world. You all deserve a medal the size of a BIN LID for picking up the gauntlet and delivering the festival despite obvious challenges (and reassuringly iffy wi-fi!).

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s making a Bee line for you once we can!

Thank you!