Gateshead Whisky News

It’s September Loungers (when did that happen!), and Connas is celebrating by pinballing around Northern Europe on his way to Maltstock! But fear not, he’s made time between visiting various places of cultural interest (or as he would say “The Pub”) to keep you all up to date with this week’s Whisky News!..

  • Pernod to the East!……………… And West!

Pernod Ricard intend to build (what is thought to be) China’s first whisky distillery!

They have also agreed a price for the US-based Castle Brands. Quite the spending spree!

  • Virginia Stay Strong!

Following a successful legal to-do with the Scotch Whisky Association, The Virginia Distillery Company have released a new single malt called “Courage and Conviction”.

They have also agreed to drop the word “Highland” from their packaging. That’s nice.

  • Future Uncertainty

Apparently, there’s something going on that is causing uncertainty. And the industry should be ready for it….

  • Dist’ell of a Result…

Despite that, Distell have announced that their full year sales are up! Interesting…

  • Charity Stuff!

Buffalo Trace have selected which charities are to receive funding from sales of specially selected bottlings…

  • Flat Forman…

Brown-Forman have reported stagnant net sales of US $766 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2020. Tariffs on American whiskey have been sighted as one of the reasons for this.

  • India Protects Irish

Irish Whiskey now has protected status in India. Happy days!

  • Drought Resistance And Yeast Breakthrough

Following research triggered by concerns over climate change, scientists at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University have identified a gene responsible for drought resistance in barley which, it is believed, could help future-proof the cereals industry to increasingly dry conditions as climate change gathers pace. They have also revealed initial results from a two-year study into the impact of yeast on Scotch whisky flavour.  The project has already identified brewing strains of yeast more commonly used for beer that possess promising characteristics for whisky production, with an ability to maintain the balance between alcohol yields and flavour. Excellent work….

  • Arran updates!

The folks at Arran are debuting 2 new expressions “Barrel Reserve” and “The Bodega” in brand new  packaging, looking niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  • New Kavalan!

Kavalan distillery’s first global release of 2019 has hit! The Kavalan Concertmaster Sherry Finish at 40% ABV is the second whisky in the Concertmaster range. Looking forward to that one!

  • Welsh Gold!

Penderyn have won their 5th Gold Medal of 2019… and the 2nd for the Portwood expression, at the Whiskies of the World Awards. Great stuff…

  • Countdown for Henstone!

Is 500 days a long time to wait? Not for a good whisky it isn’t. As of Friday, 30th of August, it’s exactly 500 days until the first whisky expression from Shropshire’s Henstone Distillery is ready for release. Exciting times!

  • Ltd Laphroaig!

A new limited edition 16 year old Laphroaig is available from today!

  • New Littlemill!

There’s a new 29 year old from the now silent Littlemill distillery with us people! And it’s in a rather snazzy limited edition decanter created by our buddies at Glencairn.

  • Jamesons’ New Mates!

Jameson have teamed up with Fourpure for their new Caskmates release, interesting….

  • Strike Update…

Workers from various Diageo plants will Strike on 17th September. Horrible news.

  • ‘Fiddich throw a Cuvee Ball!

Glenfiddich has released the first expression in a new series of high-end single malts – a 23-year-old called Grand Cru which has been finished finished in French oak cuvée casks. Nice…

  • New Jura!

ANOTHER NEW WHISKY! Jura have just launched “TWO-ONE-TWO”. The name is a nod to the – approximate – 212 residents of the island. And it’s been finished in in chinkapin casks.

  • Laing Breakthrough!

The good folks at Douglas Laing have broken the 10 million mark for yearly sales. Awesome effort…

  • More MADNESS!

There are two new limited-edition single pot still Irish whiskeys to the Method and Madness range from Jameson, including a wild cherrywood-finish – a “world first” for the category. Exciting times!

  • And finally…

This week, “And Finally” is being brought to you via a hefty hangover courtesy of beer tourism in Northern Europe….


I thank you!

See you next week folks!

Stay Safe.



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