Gateshead Whisky News

Its whisky news time folks and – as no doubt you are aware – Gateshead FC are continuing their run of good form. So, you could be forgiven for thinking that Connas may be wrapped up in the heady excitement of it all….

No such luck! Here’s the man himself with all you need to know from the industry this week!

  • A £2 Billion operation!

Diageo have announced a massive £2.4 Billion operating profit for the last half of 2019! Rumours that it would have been double that, had Colin Dunn not been claiming for hair products, have been greatly exaggerated (mainly by me).

  • The last of Prometheus!

Glasgow Distillery Company have completed its Prometheus series with the launch of a 30-year-old Speyside. And it certainly looks the part….

  • Speyside A-go-go!

If you’re off to the Spirit of Speyside festival this year, they’ve just announced the running order! It looks like a busy one!

  • We’re not backing down!

The Lawsuit brought to British Columbia Liquor Control and Licensing Branch by FETS Whisky Kitchen TWO YEARS AGO, following the confiscation of various bottlings from the SMWS is still ongoing! “Stop being silly and give them their whisky back” says I!

  • Brave New World (repeat to fade…)

Remember when Irish producers were being encouraged to embrace a “Brave New Post-Brexit World” a few weeks ago?

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association are encouraging UK producers to do the same… Small world eh?

  • Auction Stuff…

The first ever full set of the Glenfarclas Family Casks bottlings will be up for grabs at Bonhams next month…

  • Ho-down in C’town!

The feast of festivities available at this years Campeltown Malts Festival have been confirmed. I am greatly excited by this!

  • Uncertainty abounds…

Concerns over tariffs is escalating with both Diageo and GMB Scotland voicing their concerns…

  •  Masters Up!

Our buddies at Masters of Malt have recorded a 23% growth in revenue for last year. Well done peeps!

  • NFC For Paddies Day!

Jameson have brought out a special edition NFC bottling to commemorate this years St Patrick’s Day. I believe the appropriate term is “Good Craic.”

  • Glengoyne on a roll!

They’re making waves up at Glengoyne! Not only do they have a new “Story Telling” Distillery Tour, they’ve also been working at (and investing in) conserving our wetlands with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Good on them.

  • The Envy of Age….

Angel’s Envy have released its oldest expression to date, a limited edition 10-year-old finished in Port wine casks. Interesting…

  • ‘Farclas to the East!

Glenfarclas have got a lovely looking couple of new releases in Taiwan’s Airport, I want some….

  • PGA double up with Loch Lomond…

Loch Lomond Distillers are now an Official Partner of the PGA and will sponsor the Scottish Championship. Nice…

  • New Wolf on the Prowl!

Wolfburn Distillery have announced their fourth small-batch release, Batch 155. There’re 5000 bottles in total, and it’s been finished in Port! I’ve not had a lot of Wolfburn, I may need to address this situation.

  •  And Finally…

I wonder if the Scottish Term “Dunder-Heed” is derived from the use of the infamous “Dunder” in distilling Rum…


These things are sent to boggle me, lounge types!
See you in 7 days for more!


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