Gateshead Whisky News

Remember, remember….

…there’s always whisky news on Friday people! It’s a busy one this week, so we’re foregoing the pleasantries and getting straight to it!

  • 21 and Married!

Tomatin Distillery are celebrating 50 years of excellence with a new single malt called Decades II. And it’s a marriage of 21 casks. That’s nice….

  • Bourbon Up!

There are now 8.5 Million barrels of bourbon maturing in Kentucky! That’s 2 for everyone living there!

  • More Protection for the Irish!

“Irish Whiskey” is now a certified trademark in Taiwan. And has protected status in China! Happy days…

  • New Kavalan Incoming!

There’s a new single cask Kavalan available from The Whisky World, and I imagine Eddie will be tripping over himself to get some…. (maybe… – ed)

  • Dornoch the Winner

Dornoch Castle Hotel has won “Best Whisky Bar in Scotland”. And it’s about time I went to visit, frankly…

  • Hanson of Sonoma take some Eastern Inspiration…

Hanson of Sonoma Distillery, have recently released an American single malt that has gone through a Japanese style maturation regimen…  Interesting…

  • Craft is the Puller!

The folks from Brewdog seem to think a lack of customer trust in Big Business has pushed consumer towards smaller “craft” producers. And who am I to argue!

  • F.C rare vintage on the way!

Bourbon fans, ready yourselves! Buffalo Trace is set to launch a 1994 vintage edition of its O.F.C Bourbon at the end of November!

  • Golfing on the Loch!

Loch Lomond Distillers have added another golf tournament to their sponsorship portfolio, partnering with the WGC HSBC Champions in China. That will do their handicap a world of good!

  • First Dram from the Three Drinkers

Aide, Helena and Colin of “The Three Drinkers” fame have brought us a 17-year-old blended malt inspired by their Amazon Prime show. Just in time for Christmas, good on ‘em! (I think some may have landed in the office, so keep an eye out for a review soon!)

  • Beastie Online!

There is a winter edition of Douglas Laing’s Timorous Beastie only available on people!

  • Feel the Velvet!

Heaven Hill have purchased the famous Canadian brand Black Velvet, promising to rejuvenate that country’s second biggest-selling whisky! (nothing to do with Alannah Myles then? Damn… – ed)

  • Too your good health!

The Distilled Spirits Council have launched an “affordable” healthcare scheme for its members, in the hope it will provide security for US ‘craft’ distillers. Brilliant news…

  • This Bourbon’s made for walking….

You can now purchase 3D printed Trainers created by Bulleit Bourbon! What a time to be alive!

  • Diageo New Innovation & Research Centre now open!

The £8m Research and Innovation Centre is finally with us, good news for the folks in Menstrie!

  • Kilkerran, heavy on the peat!

There’s a heavily peated Kilkerran here people! (and I hear there’s a sherried one on the way too!) These will fly, be quick!

  • Walk, in the USA!

Johnnie Walker have launched a new creative that seeks to “break down traditional Scotch conventions”, as part of its Keep Walking campaign in the US!

  • Smokehead Motorcycle….

The shy and retiring types from Smokehead are producing fluffy cuddle pillow for those cold wint………… Don’t talk rubbish, they’re “unleashing” a Motor-bike in Shoreditch next week….

  • And Expensive drams for all!!!

There’s a cheaper way to try less affordable whisky folks, Cheaper By the Dram have you covered!

  • Mortlach, is here…

The last in Diageo’s “Game of Thrones” series is here, and it’s a 15-year-old Mortlach. Nice…

  • Art’riach!

BenRiach have teamed up with an award-winning Scottish artist to create a series of abstract paintings inspired by the Speyside distillery’s landscape, architecture and range of flavour. They look great too…

  • Heaven is here!

The first in Bob Dylans “Heaven’s Door Bootleg Bottlings” is available next month. And it’s only a 26-year-old finished in Japanese mizunara casks! I WANT SOME!

In your own time….

  • And finally…

I enjoyed this one…

“I’ve just bumped into my little mate Peter; he was telling me loads of funny stories about the flatbread factory where he works….

I love to hear the pitta-patter of tiny Pete!”


Cheers for popping in again folks!

I’ll be back next week, notwithstanding a berating for low quality comedy!


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