Greetings Loungers! Welcome back to the Gateshead Whisky News, and make yourself comfortable with this week’s occurrences in the Whisky Industry!

  • Love is in the air!

Our Friends at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society have released details of their February out-turn with a focus on the theme of Luuuuuuuuuuuuurve! Why not dust off your old Barry White vinyl and try some Tongue Twerking (also known as 48.95!).

  • A singular Singleton….

Diageo have announced a new release under the “Singleton” banner, a Glendullan 40 year old! The oldest ever official bottling from the distillery. Incidentally, a certain Gateshead based spirits enthusiast is also 40 this year….(hint hint….)

  • A Dram For Doddie

After being diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, the legendary Lions, Scotland, and Newcastle Falcons lock Doddie Weir has set up the Doddie Weir5’s Trust charity to raise funds for research into the condition. He has since teamed up with the guys from Annandale Distillery who have set up a one-off raffling of 99 bottles of whisky from their first ever cask of peated whisky (filled by Doddie himself in 2014).

Entries close on 25th February, we cannot stress how much of a great opportunity this is to contribute to a worthy cause, and potentially own a piece of whisky history.

(For the record, I’ve been in Doddie’s company twice. He is one of the most joyful and approachable individuals you could ever wish too meet.)

  • Auction Stuff

As reported last week, a rare bottle of Malt Mill was a lot in Scotch Whisky Auctions February Auction. The miniature had a set reserve of £1500. The bidding closed at a staggering £3400! We don’t know who bought it, or if they’re planning to drink it. But, I for one can’t help being a tad jealous!

FYI, some casks of Malt Mill can be spotted in this documentary from the 1960’s. (The bit with the hovercraft is my personal favourite part, it looks terrifying!)

  • Springbanks Latest Society Release

The folks at Springbank have given details of their latest Society releases. If you happen to be a member (if not, sign up here) you have the right to acquire these lovely looking exclusive bottlings…

  • If we can’t take the Ice to the Whisky, we’ll take the whisky to……. The South Pole!

The intrepid father and son team Robert and Barney Swan set off on a carbon free attempt to trek to the South Pole and back late last year. With a flask or two of malt from the guys and girls at Ardgowan distillery. This is reportedly the first time the spirit has been to the Pole! Awesome effort…

  • Spirit of Speyside

Events are piling up for this years Spirit of Speyside Festival. From 3rd May until 8th May, the annual festival and established highlight of the whisky calendar includes all kinds of one-off opportunities to experience the whiskies and distilleries of the area…

  • International Scotch Day

The second Annual International Scotch Day took place on 8th February. The global event takes place in 70 different countries and aims to celebrate all things related to Scotland’s national drink…

  • Bunna’ Booming!

Plans have been submitted requesting permission to give Islay’s most northern Distillery, Bunnahabhain, the go-ahead for a major upgrade to facilities. Although nothing has been finalised as we speak, I’m sure this will come as welcome news to anyone who regularly visits “The Whisky Isle”…

  • And Finally…

The alcohol lost via evaporation during the maturation process is often referred to as “The Angels Share”. Gateshead has a big rusty angel.

That’s all folks, tune in next week and see if I’m bored of shoehorning in tenuous Gateshead references yet!