Friday whisky news thump time, Loungers!

You’ll be glad to know that this week’s treacherous weather conditions did not impede my internet connection. So this week’s news has not been postponed!

Here we go…

  • “Wee Toon” – Big Smoke!

The folks from Glen Scotia are transporting their small part of Campbeltown to London this Month. Distillery manager Ian McAllister will be on hand to answer any enquiries from the comfort of his office.

  • Just Bloody Tariff-ic

Recent political sabre rattling has led to talk of rising tariffs on US spirits imported into the EU….

  • A Taste of the Irish.

Jamesons have launched a shiny new ad campaign in the US. But we can see it too!

  • 18th Century Bourbon Brothers and Rudd!

Great Scott! Rob Whitehead has been on the hunt in the famous cellars of Berry Brothers and Rudd, and unearthed and re-created the “Old Potrero 18th Century Style” whiskey… This is heavy!

  • …and Whisky for All?

Hard rocking Bay Area Thrashers Metallica are teaming up with veteran Makers Mark Distiller Dave Pickerell with the intention of building a new distillery and producing their own whiskey. Although a location has not been finalised, Orion is not out of the question. Project managers hope not to be pushed to the Frayed Ends of Sanity for the sake of making a Thing that Should Not Be… (Yes, I know. Sad, but True….). [Connas, drop everything else and concentrate entirely on this story.  Nothing Else Matters – Ed.]

  • Big High Five From Jura!

Jura have announced a world wide launch of five completely new whiskies to replace their current range, [which will all therefore be even more discounted than normal in the supermarkets for the next few weeks, before turning up in online retailers at twice the price – Cynical Ed.]. WORLD WIDE, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Whoa…

  • #OurWhisky – Antidote to sexist silliness.

Apparently common sense is not so common. Becky and Georgie would like to highlight this. It would be nice if you too could take a look

  • Ardbeg Day. It’s like Peat. You dig it…

Details of this year’s theme for Ardbeg Day at the the annual Feis Ile festival on Islay have been released. And it looks, well, groovy… [About as groovy as an over-enthusiastic middle-aged uncle in an afro wig shaking his pants to Come On Eileen at a wedding – World-weary Ed.]

  • And Finally…

Newcastle Whisky Festival takes place at Newcastle Civic Centre tomorrow. Newcastle is famed for having exactly the same amount of bridges to its Southern Border, as Gateshead has to its Northern Border.

That’s all for now folks! See you next week for more Friday whisky news.